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Cedric Soubeyras coming to AMA Supercross!

by Charles Owens on 01/06/2011

Cedric Soubeyras will be attempting to qualify and race in the 2011 AMA SuperCross. His first race will be in Phoenix, on January 15th   continuing through 6 races, ending in San Diego on February 19th . This is a very rare and welcomed sight considering the Four-Stroke domination in Professional Motocross.

I have heard quite a few people refer to Cedric as ĎThe French Wonder Kidí.  Is that an accurate description? We will see. Cedric definitely has loads of skill and style.  Coupled with help from David Vuillemin, MotoConcepts, and Reptil Racing he may have what it takes to get the YZ 250 Two-Stroke in the Main Event with the 450ís. Cedric had a very nice year in 2010 on a KTM 250 SX, so the challenge is nothing new to him.

If you are not familiar with AMA rules for Pro Motocross, Iím sure you are thinking ĎWhy would someone take on a challenge of such a large displacement disadvantage?Ē Simple, the AMA only allows up to 250cc Two-Strokes to race against 450cc Four-Strokes. Yeah, we donít think thatís fair either. There is an AMA Petition to allow up to 300cc Two Strokes in the 450 class, EVERYONE should sign it. Diehard Four- Stroke fan? You should sign it as well, Two Strokes are the roots of Motocross. The sound, smell, and  excitement. Everyone loves competition, this is racing afterall. Letís get MX back to a sport of diehard fans, instead of making people choose a side. Twoís and Fourís can race together, Iíve seen it.

Click Here to sign the Petition.

Two Stroke Motocross caught up with David Vuillemin, who is the Team Manager for MotoConcepts. We asked him some questions that you guys wanted to know.

TSM: Whatís the biggest advantage or disadvantage in running a Two Stroke?

 DV: The biggest thing is the torque and traction. The 450s have so much torque and itís easier to hit jumpís out of a corner. On slippery tracks itís also difficult to put the power to the ground on a 2 stroke. Starts, obviously are a big disadvantage on a 250 Two Stroke.

TSM: How do you guys feel about the Two Stroke  displacement disadvantage in AMA Pro Racing?

DV: I donít feel like there is a big disadvantage, but there is one. There is no more development from the factories. The engine is the same since 10 years ago, and the chassis since 05Ö

TSM: Have you run into any resistance in this project?

DV: Not reallyÖ Mike Genova (Moto Concepts) owner is really pleased with the program. We didnít really ask anyone else before doing it though. Looks like the fans are excited! 

TSM: Has Yamaha shown any interest in the project?

DV: I talked to Jim Perry about the challenge and he thought it was cool. Like I said earlier, itís basically a MotoConcepts only project. 

TSM: What year YZ 250 is Cedric riding?

DV: It is actually a 2010. It is the bike Steve Lamson was using to ride for fun. 

TSM: Do you believe the current track designs have created any significant disadvantage for the Two Stroke?

 DV: I think the tracks are more open and faster than before. We donít mind if it doesnít fit the 2 Stroke. Weíll compensate and try to make the best of it but mainly have fun and share it with the fans. 

TSM: Do you guys think this project will lead to increased parity between the Two Stroke and Four Strokes in Pro AMA racing.

 DV: I donít think so. We are not doing this to change the way AMA Racing is, we are doing it for fun, with a really limited budget.

TSM: What gearing will be used? Does he start in 1st or 2nd gear?

DV: It will be 14◊51 or 14◊52. Starts in 2nd gear, as well as rhythm section, 3rd on the flats, and 4th in the whoops. 

MotoConcepts Reptil Racing YZ250 for Cedric Soubeyras



For anyone that missed it, here is a Jan. 2010 TSM interview with Cedric.

Two Stroke Motocross would like to thank David for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer some question for the fans!

Everyone please be sure to support this project, stay tuned to TSM for Cedricís progress!