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Two Stroke Reader Comments

by JohnNicholas on 11/13/2008

I donít know how I found your site I found it by accident but itís a great site. I bought my first CR250R because they were cheaper since people were unloading to the 4 stroke garbage. I heard they required more talent to ride and I was up to the challenge.

I had the intention to purchase a 450 in 2 years but after riding my cr250 for 3 years I have no desire to get a four stroke. Everything your saying is right. People who blow off 2 strokes donít know anything about motorcycles. I know plenty of racers that run 4 strokes but as soon as the race is over they run back to their 2 strokes because they love the bikes.

You mentioned EFI (Iím so bummed they are doing that) and your completely correct there is no real power increase just weight and more crap to break. I also want to know what people are going to do about running leaded high octane fuel in their high compression EFI bikes. They are going to be replacing sensors every ride! Man it must suck to own a 4 stroke.

Iím not a mechanic but I canít take care of my bike and it never requires any real maintenance. 4 strokes are a maintenance nightmare and you are guaranteed somehow you are going to blow up the engine in the future. I laugh to myself every time Iím at the track and these guys are pumping away cursing at their valves and I push down once and the engine screams to life.

I know Iím preaching to the choir but great website. Keep up the fight. The young generation needs to be educated to the benefits of 2 strokes. Letís hope Yamaha holds on and doesnít stop making 2 strokes.


You made my week!! Just opened a cold Smirnoff and watched the video (Josh Hill) like 6 times! Just crazy! He rides for Yamaha and he bought the bike by himself , made a video of it and posted it out on I hope this video will wake people up!

Already got comments on it and got posted today! Real love is for the 2 stroke!! I would like to see Stewart whipping that thing! He is on a Yammy now!! Hope the guys requested it on Transworld!! I attached pictures of my last whip! 2003 Yz 250 that I bought from Greg Schnell years ago! Totally modded out! PC engine, Pro action suspension, All the goodies included! Run it on Vp only! Just totally insane in the head!! Best bike ever had!!

Thanks again!


Hello, my name is Mick. Iím an avid single track and MX enthusiast. I ride a 2003 Service Honda CR500AF and am a member of I like what is going on here and Iíve become a frequent viewer. This was posted on and I thought I would share it with you. Itís a video of Billy Mackenzie fielding a steel framed CR500R during the last round of the British National Championships.

Wow, I just now found this site.. and gotta say, thanks for the material and the read in generalÖ Good stuff.  I am a South Florida Two-stroke porter/racer/enthusiast since í86.  Iíve ported and built many two-stroke engines in all different configurations and now have been porting four-stroke engines for locals, family and a few racers like Jason Thomas, Matt Boni, Kyle Cunningham, little Keylon and othersÖ. Gotta say, the noise, cost and complexity of the four-stroke is not conducive to a positive future for our sport. Iím buying another two-fifty two-stroke soon while I still can!

Thanks again. Patrick Stojack

Iím the owner of the number one south american motocross site.
I took some pictures from your site and I put it on in my site.
Iím a big 2 stroke fan too and I work really hard to keep the people running on the most beautiful MX bikes (obviously 2 stroke), even when we have to ride 4 strokes (my son rides for a team of Kawasaki Argentina), anyway , I did mention your site in the note
Keep the good working
2 strokes rules
Best regards
Milton Caputti

I love the site!  Iím 36 and have been out of riding for 8 years until I bought an 02 CR125 and am having a great time.  Iím blown away by how far suspension has come in the last 20 years, and the power is a far cry from my first bike, an 1984 RM125.  My last bike was a 1987 KX500 I set up for enduro/off roading in Colorado.  It was a beast, but had addictive power.

Check out the new MXA, there is a good one page article on the 2-stroke on page 126.  Long live premix!

Corpus Christi, Texas

Hey Man:

STRís rider Matt Fisk won 3 championships in The Northeast Classic series on a YZ 250 two stroke. That backs up last years 2 on our 144. He also podiumed all nine motos at The New England classic and won the championship in the Open B

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