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Wind Power Comes To Motocross

by Charles Owens on 12/28/2010

Motocross speedway and wind power – it’s a combination that doesn’t scream “natural fit,” but pairing the two is exactly what a Texas firm intends to do. In a press release, Here Enterprises said it had acquired Cycle Ranch, a 108-acre oak-strewn, red-dirt spread about 30 miles southeast of San Antonio with a 1.7-mile track. Here said it will develop wind-power resources at the site while also operating the speedway business.

CEO Mark Ryun said in a statement that the company’s strategy is “to co-locate wind energy facilities with commercial businesses in order to generate cash flow from the production of clean energy as well as from the businesses operating onsite.” Cycle Ranch is Here’s first acquisition in pursuit of this vision.

Cycle Ranch - Texas

Here didn’t go into details about the scope of its intended wind-power development, but on its website it says the wind arm of its operation – dubbed Wind Here – will use the technology of A&C Green Energy, a Dallas-based company that manufactures variable-pitch turbines for smaller scale wind-power generation. No doubt seeking to take advantage of government wind-power incentives, Here, noting that Texasis a leader in wind energy, envisions being involved in things like “eco parks” (nature trails, camping, sports and recreation); “Wind Plex” (racing parks like Cycle Ranch, amusement parks, water parks, etc.); “Windustrial Parks (industrial and commercial “green zones” powered by wind turbines); and even some plain old “Wind Farms.”

Source: Earth Techling