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Two Stroke Motocross models for 2011

by Charles Owens on 12/06/2010

Looking for a new 125-300cc MX bike for 2011, but not sure what’s out there?

We have put together a few options to help in your decision, or at least point you in the right direction!

First up is Yamaha, the last of the “Big Four” still offering new 2 stroke models in the U.S.

For 2011, Yamaha is offering the usual 125cc and 250cc models.

2011 YZ 125

2011 YZ 250

 Has anything worth mentioning been changed for the 2011 model year? No. Although it is still a tried and true option if you are looking for a new MX bike. Yamaha gets a lot of grief for not updating their 2 stroke line every year, once they figure out where the real Motocross fans are maybe they will start putting some R&D dollars back into them.

Next up is KTM.

KTM’s seem to be popping up everywhere. Why? It may be called “Changing the Game” to some, I think they just know what the future holds for Two Strokes and they are ready.

KTM continues to keep the 2-strokes alive and well, not only by refusing to remove them from the lineup, but by actually improving the design each model year.

2011 KTM 150 SX

2011 KTM 150SX

The small-bore smoker is back again for all the light-handling, snappy fun. It gets the new PDS chassis and two-part silencer, along with some attention given to the wheels, airbox, and bodywork.

If you ride for fun, this IS the bike for you. I doubt you could find a better machine for Fun per Dollar.

2011 KTM 250 SX 

2011 KTM 250SX

For 2011, the 250 SX also has the new PDS chassis with a revised airbox. The exhaust pipe is updated and matches the changes to the cylinder, including lower exhaust ports and new timing. A two-part silencer uses plastic injection molded around the aluminum housing for better fitment. Both models keep the ‘linkage free’ rear suspension this year.

Thank you KTM for investing in Two Stroke Research and Development, we do appreciate it!

Finally we have TM Racing’s Line-up for the 2011 model year. TM Racing is on fire right now, if you are looking for an ‘exotic’ bike for this season check them out!

TM offers four models that fall into the 125cc-300cc range. The 125/144, or the 250/300. All bikes are upgradeable and customizable at purchase. Made to Order!

TM Racing 125/144

TM Racing 250/300

MX models include these features:

Ohlins rear shock absorber, Marzocchi 50mm forks, billet  aluminum hubs laced to blue anodized Excel rims, Billet aluminum triple clamps with damped handlebar mountings, oversize taper handlebars, oversize ‘wave’ brake rotor’s, HGS exhaust system, V-Force reed valve system, billet machined connecting rod, and a switchable twin map ignition system.

 New engine changes for 2011 125 -250’s  include revised transfer timing, CDI programming and new carburetion settings.

For 2011 the 300cc model hosts a completely revised engine which includes a new cylinder and cylinder head which alters both transfer and exhaust port timing, and also squish and compression values. New CDI program features working with new carburetion settings, all suited to a revised powervalve drive operation.

TM 250MX

 Decisions.. Decisions…