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Two Stroke AMA Rule Change Petition

by Charles Owens on 12/04/2010

Just a quick note from

Some things in life need to happen, the AMA rule change is one of them.

Itís just a rule, who does it really hurt?

I speak with people all the time, from all over the country about the situation. Everyone agrees, the rule change would breathe life back into the 2 strokes and the sport of Motocross.

 A lot of great local riders that canít afford to race the 4 strokes would be back on the tracks, and supporting the sport!

A lot of tracks and riding areaís have been closed due to the 4 stroke noise.

No Good.

Without the rule change Proffesional Motocross will suffer.

Regardless of engine, they are still MX bikes on the track.  That is still exciting to watch, right? Sure, exciting like.. Lawn Mower racing.

Letís get Motocross back the way the way it should be!

Sign the Petition, and tell everyone to do the same!

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