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Honda’s First Two-Stroke Motocross Bike

by JohnNicholas on 11/22/2010

Many people have a love – hate relationship with the Honda Motor Corp when it comes to Motocross machines. So many love the build quality, engineering and ergonomics of the two-stroke racers that Honda has built over the years. So much so that they do almost anything to continue riding and racing them.

On the other hand Honda has stated very clearly over the past few years that they will no longer build two-stroke machines and that four-strokes are the future.

Regardless of the reasons for this switch, when Honda first started to experiment with two-strokes, they built a prototype. This initial test machine became the very first Honda CR two-stroke.

Terry Goode of MX Works Bikes located this test bed machine. Restored the machine to it’s original glory, then dug deep to find out as much as possible about this major move for Honda. The story that Terry discovered is worth reading. It also contains brilliant photos of this amazing machine.

Check it out!