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Honda EXP-2 The Return of Two Strokes?

by JohnNicholas on 11/01/2008

While this article is from 2003, it does go to show that the manufacturers can do anything with technology when they put their minds to it. This unlikely advance comes from the company that many say was the leader in pushing for four strokes over the two strokes.

The following article is an amazing story of what is possible when technology is used to solve problems.

Get ready for a serious comeback of two-strokes in the near future with engines that can compete with four-strokes head-to-head in emission cleanliness, fuel economy, and ride-ability, all the while retaining power, size, and weight advantages over four-strokes. Off-road and motocross riders have long enjoyed the benefits of two-strokes, which have evolved into highly reliable motors. For you (American) street riders out there, two-strokes have been a thing of the past, banned in the U.S. for their unclean emissions since 1985 (100cc and over).

Just when two-stroke fans had given up and bought old, clapped-out two-stroke street bikes, Honda is now poised to bring them back.

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