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Pro Clean Racing USA’s James Coen Cleans Up at KROC

by JohnNicholas on 10/06/2010

At the 34th Annual Kawasaki Race of Champions, 14 year old James Coen continued his climb to the top of the motocross heap. The program developed by James and his dad Carlo is a strong and proven one, with numerous opportunities to compete at the highest levels. Englishtown is just another step forward in that program.

Here is what James had to say about his race day.
“It was the best I’ve ever ridden at Englishtown! I did really well getting through the deep ruts, feeling fast and smooth all day.

I had a nasty crash in the 1st 125cc 2stroke moto, sort of mis-judged a section and high sided, landing butt first on the rear wheel which was spinning wide open. I was pretty sore, but got up and finished 2nd. The second moto went much better with a First place finish. Earning a first overall for the class.

The Schoolboy Class was a little rough, I ended up tangling with another rider. I ended up 9th in the first moto, although in the second moto finished 4th. If the laps had not been cut from 5 to 3, I think I could have finished a bit higher because I was coming through the pack.

In the 250B class I finished second behind my best buddy, Luke Renzland. He had fallen in the first mot so I held the lead for about 4 turns! In the second moto I finished up with a 6th place and finished 5th overall.

I was very happy with my results at KROC and look forward to my next big race.”

James would like to thank all his sponsors – Cernics, Team Green, Pro Clean, Monster, Factory Connection, Pro Circuit, Fly Racing, Holeshot Graphics, Scott, Decal Works, MXPTV, Vintage 54, RacePro USA, Spectro, No Toil, and Ogio.

Photos courtesy of Scott Lukaitis

Look for some racing clips of James in this highlight reel from KROC. Courtesy of MXPTV