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The eye-popping Black Heart MX Yamaha YZ250.

by Eric Sebastian on 10/04/2010

Motor + Suspension

There’s nothing wrong with a little extra horsepower, right?  When it came to the powerplant, I decided to go for broke. The motor has extensive modifications from KB5 Industries out of Lebanon, PA ( and boasts a throaty 2-stroke powerband like no other… It’s internal markings, are teamed up with full Pro Circuit Exhaust system (Works head-pipe, R304 Shorty silencer), Vortex Ignition, Boyesen Rad Valve intake, and Twin Air filter. Though I’m not allowed to specify the details of the build, it’s safe to say this bike rips like no other! At first impression, it pulls deep, right from the bottom through the powerband. But it doesn’t stop there…  As per my request, both Brad and “Five” really hooked the motor up with a fire breathing top-end. Afterall that’s what 2-strokes are meant for right??

What better way to compliment the powerplant, then matching re-valved and re-sprung suspension? The Yamaha already offers amazing KYB components as a base, so it’s no wonder that the re-worked KB5 sticks handle everything – from short choppy breaking bumps, to the biggest hits on the track – all the while maintaining that plush, marshmallow like feel.


With a fresh box of white Acerbis plastic sitting here, taunting me… it was time to lay out a new design. I wanted to really set this bike apart from the pack. Because of my love for 2-strokes, bright colors, and innovative design, I wasn’t holding anything back… the end result? – An eye-popping, smack-you-in-the-face set of stickers that is sure to draw looks wherever it goes! After careful consideration, the graphics kit was decided to be listed for retail purchase to the general public on under the “Team Kits” section.

After applying the Black Heart MX Graphics, the RAD Mfg. wheelset arrived. These include Black Excel rims, anodized-blue RAD Hubs, teamed up with billet Nipples and stainless spokes. After bolting on these bad boys, it came to my attention how much these really complete the look of the bike.


A host of other bolt-on goodies from Gap Racing ( were ordered and installed shortly after… Such as the Boyesen Factory Racing ingnition cover, Works Connection radiator braces & skidplate, and RAD wave rotors front+rear (all of which are standard issue on my bikes). RG3 Triple-clamps grace the front end, along with Renthal Fat-bars, Renthal Kevlar Tapered Grips and un-altered levers and some tall seat foam, with black gripper cover. The drivetrain features anodized-blue Renthal rear sprocket driving a DID 520MX chain, with Michelin Tires front+rear.


Considering my passion for racing and design, this bike is a perfect mix of performance and style – and as it sits, my favorite of all time. Although I’m pleased at the moment, don’t expect me to stop pushing the bar anytime soon. Look for an even crazier setup in 2011 !

Eric Sebastian
Black Heart MX