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Blue Smoke, Web Impression: 2009 Yamaha YZ 125 And 250

by JohnNicholas on 11/01/2008

Yamaha’s 2009 YZ250 and YZ125 bike intro was not really to show off the bikes’ minimal changes, but to remind us how fun these bikes are. They gassed up their ’09 two-strokes and sent us out on a ‘Field of Dreams’-like private track to twist throttles and stretch smiles. This has to go down in history as the most successful bike intro ever based on a manufacturer reaching its goals. These pingers are loads of fun, and if you’ve been on a straight-gas diet for too long, you probably forgot the incredible response of the YZ250 (you don’t need a fuel injection system to spike your adrenalin) or the magical handling of the YZ125.

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