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KTM Announces Zero Emission Motorcycle Prototype

by JohnNicholas on 10/28/2008

Vienna, Austria – KTM, the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, presents the prototype of a race-ready Sport Enduro with electromotor, the result of a cooperative research project with arsenal research.

KTM and the engineering experts at arsenal research illustrate that fun-riding and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive with the latest development of the zero emission motorcycle prototype. The light, sporty and powerful zero emission motorcycle complies with the KTM sport-oriented, racing philosophy while ensuring an emission and practically noise free bike with an electric motor.

The development of the highly integrated motor was made possible through the expertise of arsenal research. The foundation stone for the bike was built through the commitment of KTM to stay innovative in the off-road motorcycle industry while also finding solutions that align the core business of KTM to important world-wide situations regarding topics such as “mobility,” “environment” and “energy.”

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