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Misc. Two Stroke News for June

by JohnNicholas on 06/24/2010

“I was fortunate enough to be able to ride a full Mitch Payton Pro circuit Kawasaki 125cc (two stroke) “

“That was the bike the majority of us wanted to ride. I know i did when i was 10 years old sitting in the stands of the SX races or the uphill at Washougal .”

“Needless to say it was possibly the most fun I had the whole break. Granted the four strokes have gotten  a lot better the past few years. Still the thing was amazing  and unbelievably easy to ride. I rode it and rode it and rode it some more, partially just so I could listen to it!”

“I want to thank Mitch Big time for letting me do it.”

Jake Weimer : The Jake Weimer column
West Coast SX Champ and East vs West Vegas Shootout Champ.
Transworld Motocross June 2010

Check out this great video from Vurb Moto about the KTM two-stroke introduction.

In an article in CYCLE NEWS #19 regarding Greg Schnell on page 22, there is a photo of him racing the +30 pro class at the NMA World Mini Grand Prix. He won the class on what appears to be a two-stroke Suzuki. It sure looks like an expansion chamber coming out the right side of the bike.

Here is an interview with Kim Ashkenazi from Dirt Action magazine in Australia. Kim has been competing using an RM250 two-stroke.

Cedric Soubeyras at the USGP

One Racer has decided to compete in the MX1 GP races aboard a KTM 250 two-stroke, French Racer Cedric Soubeyras. He is the hero of the month. He has consistently placed in the top 20 at the GP’s. Follow along by visiting his web site.

Project Two 50 – While we have not officially sent out a Press Release yet, we will be racing a 250 two-stroke in the AMA Pro Outdoor Nationals. Our first race will be on July 3rd at Red Bud. Lot’s of excitement and news coming soon. Please consider becoming a fan on Facebook or following us on Twitter. Both of these links can be found on the Project Two 50 web site.

How about this interview with Nick Wey from Transworld Motocross? It seems that many of the Pro Racers have been talking about two-strokes, whether it’s for fun or training. How cool is that?

Ryan Villipoto picked up a new toy this past month, a KX250 two-stroke factory bike. This machine looks awesome!

This is a video of Mike Sleeter riding a 2011 KTM250SX two-stroke.

Here is one last video… does this kid look excited to you?