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Cool Racing News Just In

by JohnNicholas on 10/16/2008

VP Racing Fuels INC., The world leader in race fuel technology, and Racepro USA have signed a license agreement for use of the VP Racing Logo with the new Racepro “Cool Fuel” Ice jacket.

For top performance at the start, the new Racepro USA “Cool Fuel” fuel jug ice jacket is a simple effective way to keep your important fuel cool at the race track.

VP knows fuel performance better than anyone and they love Cool Fuel! Here are a few quotes from VP’s Jason Rueckert, Director of Motorsports Development;

” A cool, dense fuel charge will always yield more horsepower”

” Not only will you see an increase in horsepower from the cooler fuel temps, you will also protect your fuel from harmful UV rays.  Direct sunlight will degrade your racing fuel quicker than anything else.”

” The Cool Fuel Jacket will provide the means to a cool, consistent, horsepower increasing fuel charge.”

Racepro USA and VP recommend that the fuel added to your machine before the start is in a cool range of 50-65 degrees.

This simple, effective product does this and helps keep light chemical additives from evaporating during the day. It offers the most consistent performance and power from your engine at the beginning of the race. Dyno HP readings also show this. (An additional 1 Hp is possible!)

So even when your important fuel jug is overheating at the track, as quick as you can say, “Hey, cool it”, Racepro USA and VP Racing fuels have you covered!

Racepro USA INC.