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First race back on 2 stroke!!

by JohnNicholas on 05/13/2010

This story was posted on Thumper Talk by Fiddy631. There appears to be more of these stories circulating around and thankfully more racers are deciding to switch to two-strokes. It is ďborrowedĒ and published here for your reading pleasure.

After 6 yrs of 4 stroke racing 250f and 450, Iíve reentered the wonderful world of the 2 stroke. Its not as I remember, but better!!

Being a mx tech, Iíve built up a new yz 250, pretty trick nothing spared and Iíve had 2 practice rides on this bike before the week end race, just to get all the suspension and jetting sorted etc. and to everyoneís great surprise, I raced 2 classes, the Open and the unlimited.

My first round lap times where around 1 second slower than on the 250f, but by the end of the night when the track was rougher even, my lap times where almost 2 seconds faster than on the 250f and close to 3 seconds faster than the 450. The track is a reasonable tight circuit and 3rd gear wide open is the fastest it gets.

But with this Iím extreamly happy to stick it to the 4 bangers. I believe I can still shave a little more time of these times, with more seat time. But in the end, what Iím saying is that Iím happy I made the move back! Not only my racing is quicker, but having more fun doing it!

Yes I may have got a little more tyred, but gotta be fit to race mx regardless, so an extra hour or so at the gym should cover that!! Yes Iím 26yrs old so before getting onto a 4 stroke in 04, I did ride / race 2 strokes for 5 yrs prior, so I guess I can say that I adapted to the different ride style pretty quick, this definatly isnt a option for every one. But one Iím happy Iíve made, also love the comments in the pits, ( how does that dude get such good placings, hes on a 2 stroke ) its like a big shock to people.

They think the 2 stroke is the devil and impossibile to ride. Yes for some I guess it is, but makes me wanna just go faster. Canít be lazy or lacking talent on these beasts!

Love it! Peace!