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Jesseís 2006 Kawasaki K125 Rebuild

by JohnNicholas on 04/28/2010

Hello TwoStrokeMotocross!,

My name is Jesse Miller and I live in BC Canada. This winter I saw my Kx125 and I decided to give it a face lift. My courses at school were really easy and I had a lot of free time that I didnít want to go to waste playing video games. So I decided to start disassembling my well used 2006 Kx125.

Piece by piece I took it apart, and worked my way down to the frame and removed the motor. I washed the frame and would have liked to powder coat it but my parents said they werenít going to help fund the rebuild. So instead I decided to just use grip tape. The motor was rebuilt recently by myself so I didnít pull it apart but I cleaned out the power valve and shined up the cases.

By now I had decided I wanted to build a pro circuit bike so I paid close attention to detail. I took apart the shock linkage and ran it through the solvent tank before greasing and torquing all the bolts.

The electrical was dirty and messy so It needed to be cleaned and neatly zip tied/taped out of the way. There were some parts I noticed that needed to be replaced when I disassembled the bike, so I put the rebuild on pause and worked to earn enough money to put the order in on

Next up was the carburetor. I polished the exterior, cleaned the jets and replaced all the carburetor lines. The throttle also needed some attention so I disassembled the throttle and put it through the solvent tank. The throttle cable was fraying so I replaced that with a new one from Kawasaki.

When I installed the throttle tube I positioned it slightly away from the end of the handle bar so that the throttle would have a nice snap to it when released. To finish things off I put my favourite Renthal tapered dual compound grips and some Kawasaki grip donuts.

Next up was the brake pedal. I took a file and sharpened the teeth for better grip. I polished the pedal and cut out pieces of grip tape to fit on the arm of the pedal for extra grip. The radiator hoses were developing small cracks so I replaced them with blue silicon hoses like pro circuit uses. I also added Pro circuit temp strips for looks and to monitor the engine, rear shock, and radiator temperature.

The Drivetrain needed to be completely replaced because of a problem last season so I ordered a Renthal 13t front and 50t rear sprocket along with a Renthal R1 works chain. I needed a new chain guide too so I replaced it with a new stock Kawasaki guide. I also ordered Pro circuit axle blocks for looks.

Last but not least I replaced the plastics and graphics. Pro circuit runs all black with the exception of a green front fender and numberplate. So I decided to do that but I used the new Kx250f plastic design for the front fender and numberplate. I ordered the 2009 pro circuit team graphic kit, seat cover, and backgrounds from N-style.

This project has been keeping me pretty busy as almost every part on the bike went through my parts washer at some time. I am really happy with the end product and I hope to put in a order at pro circuit for all the parts that are not on there like triple clamps, works pipe, linkage arm, and several smaller parts to make it complete.

Some of the parts on the bike include;

* Pro circuit platinum pipe & R304 shorty silencer
* Pro circuit clutch perch
* Pro circuit radiator hoses & temperature stickers
* Pro circuit front brake cable guide
* Pro circuit axle blocks
* Pro circuit heat shield
* Pro circuit flow thru foot pegs
* N-style 2009 pro circuit graphic kit and seat cover
* N-style 2009 pro circuit numberplate backgrounds
* Renthal twinwall handlebars
* Renthal oversize bar clamps and dual tapered grips
* Renthal sprockets & R1 Chain
* Braking front wave brake disc
* Hinson clutch basket
* NGK BR9EIX iridium spark plug
* Vforce 3 reed valve
* Maxima formula k2 mix oil 40:1
* Maxima MTL fluid 80wt
* Sunline levers
* UFO plastics

Thanks to my sponsors Holeshot motorsports, Utopia Optics, N-style, and Mx prints for their support.