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More Good Two Stroke News from The Netherlands

by JohnNicholas on 04/23/2010

From our reporter Arie we have the following update.

From his sponsor I received the news that Yentel Martens is given a start for the Valkenswaard MX-GP this weekend.

About any doubts of choosing a two- or 4stroke; since his excellent performance Sunday here in the Open Dutch Championship, it is clear what machine he will be riding this weekend and the rest of the season, because the next sentence he texted me was: “The 450?s are sold” (now that sounds like music insn’t it?)

This means a 100% increase of competing two-strokes in the MX1 GP’s; first we had only Cedric Soubeyras (by the way: scoring FOUR times Championship-points in 4 heats), and now he will be joined by young belgian Yentel Martens.