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The Real M.M.X. is just so much fun!

by JohnNicholas on 04/02/2010

Following several recent outings on the new 250 M.M.X. Maico Internationals Dunlop Maxima Rider Neil Berry is seriously impressed with the new bike and looking forward to the season ahead. “We are still working on an array of development products for the bikes, which does leave things a little last minute, but it sure as hell keeps me on my toes and the new bike is such a completely different animal to the 09 version, from the first couple of laps I felt totally inspired by the nimbler handling and major increase in performance, its just so much fun.!”

With more major development news expected soon Maico International have now appointed several distributors in various countries and with several other companies from around the globe flying into the U.K. over the next month to discuss distribution a substantial network of global distributors is expected to be released soon.

For those keen to get to grips with the new M.M.X. Maico International l have launched a  quiz:

Q.When is a Maico not a Maico:

Answer when it looks like this!

What is this?

We would like to invite the distributors of this machine to a test, we are happy to send a brand new Maico M.M.X. to Journalist John Nicholas for the subject of a test to compare their bike with a Maico M.M.X..In return we would expect them to send one here to the U.K. for an independent test against an M.M.X. with a media representative of their choice. I am sure by the end of the day we will all know which is the real Maico.!