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First shots of the M.M.X. in action

by JohnNicholas on 03/19/2010

Breaking cover for the first time since the press photo shoot in January the new 250 M.M.X. arrived at the popular Rogershill Raceway at Bere Regis last Wednesday to start filming for the new promotional video.

Big Thanks must go to Emma and Danny for providing us with the luxury of track one to ourselves allowing us the versatility of being able to use various parts of the track to film several takes without endangering ourselves or any other riders.

With rather overcast weather conditions the new baby fired into life with one kick in front of a very enthusiastic crowd, keen to see how the bike performed, no more so than its rider Neil Berry who managed to restrain himself for only a few laps whilst getting familiar with his new steed before unleashing the bikes capabilities to the onlookers.

Providing the subject material of repeatedly performing on the same bit of track for the camera seemed to be a little restrictive to Maico Internationals Dunlop Maxima rider who was very obviously inspired by the new machine, gaining valuable seconds on every lap and revelling in the advances made to the bikes over the winter months.

Filming continues this week with the full promotional video expected to be released by the 25th of this month.