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by JohnNicholas on 03/17/2010

Orange County, New York may be famous for it’s American Choppers, but there’s a new kid in town, the Xtreme Motocross Series. In its first year of operation, the Xtreme Motocross Series has secured 4 exciting tracks with a total of 7 events. The first of these events will be held at Walden Motocross in Wallkill, NY on April 18th.

What’s in it for the riders?

What makes the Xtreme Motocross Series so different is that we XMS uses the most technologically advanced online sign up and scoring systems. We then integrate that with advanced technology on the XMS website to allow riders the ability to see their lap times in near real-time, thereby enhancing the general riding experience. XMS also utilizes hi-tech video and still photography at all of our events to ensure the maximum media exposure for the riders and their sponsors.

Yes, both riders and sponsors benefit from these features as it adds weight to their individual and/or team marketing programs. Web 2.0 social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are integrated on our website so riders can spread the word about their riding results and the sponsor items they used to achieve them.

Exciting racing action is guaranteed in the XMS. We are tired of champions being decided halfway through the season and we are doing something about it. Using a unique points system, we have designed the XMS so no champions will be decided before the last race. You’ll have to be in it to win it…

Lastly, XMS will be filming all season for a HD highlights DVD that will be available for all. We could go on and on but these are just a few benefits for the riders, associated teams and sponsors.

What’s in it for the sponsors?

XMS believes strongly that our industry sponsors are absolutely vital to the continued healthy growth of motocross. And also that sponsors sometimes do not reap the benefits that they expect. We want to change that. We commit to using 100% of our expertise to gain maximum exposure for our series sponsors. XMS offers a large range of sponsorship opportunities, from individual product awards to full title series sponsorships. Here are just a few of our newest sponsors below:

Why should riders and sponsors attend this event?

The staff at XMS have worked hard all year to combine exciting elements of racing with a safe, family oriented environment for everyone. We started this series because we strongly believed we could combine the best aspects of local amateur motocross with modern technology and marketing, allowing riders and teams to enjoy the benefits and obtain the maximum marketing exposure for their race programs. Just as riders enjoy the benefits of sponsorship programs, they must step up and try to give back the maximum exposure right back. We can help that happen.

So how do riders join the XMS?

It’s quick and easy. Just go to

The 2010 XtremeMXSeries Schedule:

* April 18 – Walden Motocross, Wallkill, New York
* May 23 – Island Motocross, Yaphank, Long Island
* June 12 – Walden Motocross, Wallkill, New York
* July 4 – AK Farms, Plattekill, New York
* Sept 12 – Atco Motocross, Atco, New Jersey
* Sept 19 – Island Motocross, Yaphank, Long Island
* Oct 16-17 – Walden Motocross, Wallkill, New York (2 Day Super Series Finale)