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RacerX Test Ė 2009 Yamaha YZís

by JohnNicholas on 10/03/2008

One of my favorite magazines just recently tested the 2009 Yamaha YZ two strokes. This is unusual because they had not really said much about the two strokes in quite some time. Is it possible that the tide could be changing?

What folows in an Except from the Racer X web site. At the end of the blurb is a link to the article written by David Pingree. Please sign up on the Racer X site and leave a comment.

ďDo two-strokes still exist? If you attend a pro race these days you might not think so. But professional racing accounts for a very small percentage of the people that ride motocross. So, while four-strokes might be the bikes of choice for the worlds elite motocross riders, it doesnít mean they are the best choice for the rest of us.

I guess you have to ask yourself, what your main goal is when you head out to the track? Do you aspire to be a national champion? Is it your lifeís dream to race on the AMA pro tour? Do you just want to have a good time riding with your friends on the weekends? If you arenít trying to break RCís record for most wins in a season and your focus is to enjoy the time you can ride, you might want to ask yourself: why am I sold on four-strokes?

They are heavier, more expensive, harder to maintain and much more difficult to correct when you make a mistake. You canít argue those points. So if you spend your time riding in the woods, on local motocross courses, or just having fun on some open property somewhere, well, then you obviously arenít in California, because there isnít any open property here. You also might want to take another look at two-strokes.Ē

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