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Maico International Unveil long term development program.

by JohnNicholas on 02/01/2010

With the prices for the new Maico M.M.X. line up being released in the next week Maico International is pleased to release news of their long term development strategy.

Fitting a selection of high quality hand made parts which have enhanced the bike in terms of performance, handling, weight and style the ongoing 2 year plan is aimed at the regular rider, with an options list that is set to expand.

Company co- chief Lesley White said, “The people that keep the wheels of this industry turning are the regular club riders who year in year out spend their hard earned cash on the sport they love and a majority of the time this means hefty investment in a new bike. Our strategy is simple; we are already working on at least 5 new products for the 2011 bike but have based our criteria on increased durability, function, weight and style. Where-ever possible the new parts will be bolt on parts (all of the current five products under test are bolt on) allowing the owner of a 2010 model to come back to us at the end of the year and upgrade their bike to the new spec only paying for the parts, which we will fit with no labour charge!. The same careful attention will also be applied wherever possible when it comes to engine and frame development.

Maico Development plan's snow joke...

It is hoped that the long term effects of this strategy is that it will prove more cost effective for a rider to keep his bike for two years, updating parts as and when he wants to without being faced with the almost manic like frenzy which appears in mid-summer as the first of next years machines trickle into the pits with a “buy it now before the importer runs out attitude”. Unlike all the larger manufacturers’ Maicos will be available to order all year round and as development continues so will the list of optional extras.

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