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Larger capacity Alloy Tank for M.M.X.E Maico

by JohnNicholas on 01/24/2010

Following the release of the new M.M.X. Maico earlier this week we can also confirm that the Enduro bikes will be receiving the same treatment and will take on a new name, M.M.X.E. Much curiosity has been raised by the M.M.X. tag allocated to the new bikes by Maico International’s Lesley White but the explanation is quite simple, M.M.X. is Roman Numerals for 2010.

Ally tank 006

With the new hand crafted alloy tank now fitted as standard to the motocrossers, development work is already underway to produce a larger capacity alloy tank which will be fitted as standard equipment to the Enduro, and ultimately the Supermoto range.

Ally tank 003

Lesley told us, “We are working very carefully on the design in order to ensure the larger tank fits the frame and seat in the same way as the smaller tank does enabling it to be available as an optional extra for those M.X. riders who occasionally compete in Hare and Hounds, Enduro or Beach races on a motocrosser but would like the advantage of the extra capacity by simply changing tanks with no extra fittings required”.

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