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Cedric Soubeyras – TSM Interview

by JohnNicholas on 01/21/2010

There are thousands of racers all over the globe that love and compete in motocross. The  French Racer Cedric Soubeyras is one of the newest up and coming racers to hit the scene. Obviously he came to the attention of Two Stroke Motocross when he began competing in the European rounds of Supercross on a KTM 250 SX two-stroke, where he became an instant hero to legions of new fans.

We contacted Cedric to ask him some questions and get to know him a bit better. Plus we wanted to find out what his plans are for the future.

Cedric Soubeyras

How long have you been in the pro ranks and how have you finished?

Last year was my first season in the GP’s. My best result is at the Brazilian GP, I finished 12th and 11th position. My goal was to finish in the top 20, I finished 25th. It was not so bad because I missed some races for many reasons. I changed team my team 3 times, I have been injured. It was a difficult first GP season for me.

In 2009 you competed in the AMA Supercross. What was that experience like?

Until Anaheim 2, I had a really good experience , but I finished my trip by a bad crash, which lead to a chest injury. In Anaheim 1 I finished 16th and I was really happy. After my 8th place in Phoenix, I felt like I had done a really good job. But I wanted to stay in that position so it would encourage my team to stay for the whole Supercross season. But I have been so euphoric.

Did you enjoy racing in the USA?

Yes, I enjoyed a lot riding in USA. That is my dream, riding on good and big tracks every week. Everything is bigger in USA, from the truck to the track, stadium, burgers !!!! EVERYTHING !

Were the fans good to you?

Fans were okay and some are really crazy. But the more difficult was the American riders, even when you go training or during the practice they T-bone you like you have done something wrong to them before.

Cedric berm blasting.

I would like to go again. It is one of my goals. I have raced over there but I want to do a complete season or more.

If so, what series would you like to compete in?

I would like to go and do a complete Supercross season in the Lites class.

Your name appeared on our site a because you are one of the few pro racers that has chosen to race a two-stroke. What prompted you to race it?

I rode with a 250 4stroke but I wanted to ride in SX1 in the German Championship. But I have never rode a 450 before, I thought the 450 was not a good choice for me, I wanted something different. In Germany the stadiums are small so the 250 2stroke was enough.

What do you feel are the big differences between the two-stroke and the four-stroke? Besides the displacement…

The four-stroke is heavy and you have to ride differently on it. When you make a mistake, it is easier to avoid it with the two-stroke.
When you crash and when your bike stalls its easier to restart a 2stroke than a 4stroke.

Checking out the competition....

How have the fans and other racers reacted to you choosing the two-stroke?

When the other people saw me riding a 250 2stroke in the SX of Genova, they said to me, “your completely crazy,” but they liked it and at the end of the week end when I won; all my friends and family were proud of me. At the beginning no one believed I had a chance at winning and for the last race I couldn’t believe it, but they were 100% behind me and pushing me all the way to win.

Do you feel that you are at an advantage or disadvantage racing the two-stroke?

Did you see my holeshot in Genova the first day? That is the answer :-D

Who are your sponsors?

Shoei, First Racing, Spy, Solid, Gaerne, Vans, skull candy,

Cedric #10 start...

Are they supportive of your machine choice?

They are fully behind me.

What are your plans for the 2010 racing season?

I am going to do the first two races in the French Championship, then after that I’ll be racing the ADAC Championship in Germany and then the MX1 World Championship. At the end of the season I am going to race the French and German Supercross championship’s.

Cable Strecher asks – One of the biggest arguments I’ve heard is, on a rough track, the four-stroke gets an edge over the two-stroke? Do you feel that later in the moto or in the second moto that you have to push harder to beat the four-strokes that your rivals are using?

At the moment I haven’t ridden very much in motocross. I don’t think so. I think when the others riders are going to be tired after 10 laps I am going to be better physically.

The 250 two-stroke gives up little to the 450F's.

KXwestYZ asks – If you were allowed to compete with a 250cc two-stroke vs. a 250cc four-stroke – do you feel you would have a better chance of winning, instead of competing against racers on Double displacement bikes?

Yes of course, I think it will be much better to have a 250 2stroke. They currently put the 450 4stroke with the 250 2 stroke but it’s almost 2 times bigger. Put a 450 2Stroke with a 450 4stroke and we will see which one is faster..

hondacrrider – Are you pressured by your sponsors, supporters or other companies not to race with a two-stroke.?

Not really, many of them were interested in the idea.

Thanks !!


All photos courtesy of Allo MX.