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Two Stroke News Updates – Photo Gallery

by JohnNicholas on 11/04/2009

So much news on the two-stroke front. This listing contains news from around the world featuring two-strokes.

The biggest news of the week is the announcement from Great Britain, for the 2010 race season there will be 3 separate two-stroke championships available for racers and fans!

Of course there is the British 2 Stroke Championships that have been running since 2003 and has grown into a true National caliber event. Then the news from the Cumbria Twinshock Club is that they will be holding a Two Stroke Championship in conjunction with there vintage events.

Then the biggest news is that the ACU (same as the USA’s AMA) has revealed that they will be running a National Two Stroke series as well.

We will follow up with additional information about the three Two Stroke series in the UK, as it becomes available.

Some spy news from a friend;
“The 2st is alive and kicking in the UK and in Europe. The amount of 150?s and 250?s out there is staggering, its a fair 50-50 split at tracks.

We got wind of KTM’s factory effort as wonder kid Jeff Herlings was said to be testing full factory sx125?s  the day before we got there, reports were he was hauling and there were 3 bikes to test, with a full squad of mechanics. The track owners also said that Rinaldi has booked the venue to test new 2st stuff, no date was given obviously.

Hot news also was Ken Roczen was screaming the head off a trick Suzuki 125,  testing in France a week ago, ali frame and new plastics ?

Some news about the US Women’s Nationals.
“MX Sports has announced that 250cc two-stroke motorcycles will be eligible for competition in the WMX Class for the 2010 season. The class engine displacement will be 122-250cc.”

While this was not what many two-stroke racing fans were hoping for, it is certainly a step in the right direction. Two thumbs up to MX Sports for all the work they put in on behalf of Motocross racers and fans.

A reader from the Netherlands sent the following information. Unfortunately, I can not read nor confirm what is said on the web sites listed. Can you read it and let us all know?

“The officially motorsport bond KNMV (The Netherlands) has reglement changes for 2011. It says: Only two strokes allowed in 50,65,85,125 schoolboy motocross. Here is the link: Read the last part of the story and the reason is KNMV is following the FIM rules which already start in 2010 with only 2T in schoolboy class.

And in Germany the ADAC youngster cup is changed to only 2 stroke in 2010, This means no more CRF150 allowed

More and more countries in Europe see the need of 2 strokes.

At the Kawasaki Race of Champions held in October at Raceway Park in New Jersey, local Pro Robby Marshall raced a Suzuki RM250 two-stroke in the 250 Pro class and won.

Robby Marshall at KROC. Photo by Scott Lukaitis

Found some cool two stroke racing photos all from October.

Luke Renzland at AK Farms. Photo by Vintage 54

All crossed up, Brian Shuckhart. Photo by

Unknown Racer. Photo by

Russell Bobbitt working on his KTM at the ISDE.

Kurt Caselli finished 6th overall at the ISDE.

The 2010 Gas Gas MC300 two stroke.

The only thing known about this machine is it's an RM50!

Suzuki RM50 left side.

Check out the hand made exhaust pipe on the RM50.

The next pile of photos was found on an Italian web site for the magazine called X Off Road. The photos are of two machines, a Kawasaki KX144AF and a KX500AF. These are nicely built machines.