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FIM UEM 125 2t European Championship News

by JohnNicholas on 10/29/2009

As reported earlier this year, the FIM will be running a 125cc two stroke championship at 8 of the 15 World Championship rounds of the MX GP. The calendar of events was released today and is posted below.

With any luck these races will be broadcast on the Internet. Can’t wait to hear the sound of 40 125cc two-strokes blasting into the first turn. Just the thought sends shivers down my spine. This may be the year to visit Europe to see some real motocross racing!

Will this Italian beauty be one of the machines competing in the series?

But what about the bikes? As most are aware, the majority of the Big 4 no longer import 125cc Motocross bikes into the USA. This could cause an issue. Or maybe not!

2010 KTM 125 SX

First there are European brands that will be represented. Husqvarna, KTM and TM Racing among those that currently build 125 motocross machines. TM Racing is committed to fielding a team and is working on new developments, which will in all likelihood first appear on their factory machines.

But don’t count the Big 4 out just yet. These giants do not want to be left out in the cold, so look for bikes from the Big 4 in the staging area beginning on April 11th on the Fermo venue in Italy.

Germain Vincenot has joined the TEAM CLS to participate to the European Championship 125cc, racing a Pro Circuit KX125 and will be racing with riding number 100.

From sources deep inside Europe, news has leaked that the mighty Honda factory will be building CR125 racers to compete in this race series. There are also rumblings that Suzuki is putting together a team to compete as well.

Does this strike anyone as strange? Haven’t people been stating that the two-stroke is dead and gone and it’s never coming back? From all this news it sounds like they may have the wrong information.

2010 TM Racing 125MX

The other thing is, the same manufacturers that are pushing hard to ensure that their “technologically advanced” double displacement machines do not have to compete head-to-head against two-strokes, are now all scrambling to get machines ready for this new series. Am I the only one that sees what’s happening?

The course of action is clear. If you want to see two-stroke racing at the pro level, we need to have a pro series for two-strokes to compete in. Then those same manufacturers will build two strokes, because they don’t want another manufacturer to “best” them. Competition at it’s best.

Lets ask the promoters to add a 125cc class to some of the Nationals. As long as it doesn’t clash with all the other stuff they are adding to the day. Besides by adding a 125 class the factories don’t have to worry about anyone beating their beloved four-strokes.

“Build it and they will come.”

FIM 2010 Calendar