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250 Two Stroke vs. 250 Four Stroke Ė Pro Race Wildwood NJ

by JohnNicholas on 10/27/2009

With all the debate raging over the loss of the opportunity to see the Pro Racers compete head-to-head on 250?s, itís great to see an actual race with very fast Expert/Pro racers competing on those very same machines. Thatís right, letís leave all the conjecture and seat of the pants guessing and watch an actual competition between the 250F and the 250 two-stroke.

This past weekend in Wildwood, NJ the Thunder in the Sand event was held on the beach, in the shadow of the Boardwalk and Amusement Park.

A close-up photo of the consistency of the sand. Photo by Matt Wozney

The race surface consists of deep beach sand, although in some spots the sand is quite hard-packed.

Thunder in the Sand is an AMA sanctioned event, so the 250A class actually consists of machines that are 250cc in size. It also means that the 250 two-stroke gets to compete head-to-head with the 250 four-stroke.

In the video below, keep an eye out for #49 Dakota Kessler, who is the son of former factory star Mickey Kessler. Just watching the way Dakota powers that 250 Honda two-stroke around the deep sand track sends shivers down the spine.

Watch and enjoy.

The cool part about two-strokes is that it's easy to change lines and get on the gas. Photo by Matt Wozney

So what do you think? Are the two different stroked machines closely matched or is one so much better than the other?

Photos and Video by Matt Wozney To See additional photos from the race day click on this link.