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David Ford – 2009 BSMA Best of British Nationals Champion

by JohnNicholas on 10/14/2009

Regardless of the lies and marketing hype that now surrounds motocross, there are racers out there both racing two-strokes and winning. As so many people have suggested, just follow the money.

The major manufacturers want to sell four-strokes, in many cases they are the biggest advertisers in magazines and invest a great deal in professional racing. Many of them have ceased production of two-stroke machines, in effect calling them inferior.

Unfortunately, they wield great power of the rule-makers, industry insiders and top racers. This is the reason the rules are so messed up and allow the four-stroke a displacement advantage.

The bad news for these major manufacturers is the fact that many grass roots racers are switching over to two-strokes. Even with the rules stacked against them and in many cases being at a disadvantage.

Why is this happening? We could guess, but it’s better to hear from the brave souls that compete and win.

David Ford is one such warrior.


The following is in David’s own words about the challenges he faced in the 2009 BSMA Best of British Nationals.

Hi John,

I won the 2009 BSMA Best of British Nationals this season on my SUZUKI RM 250.

I’ve had a long time away from the sport, really I stopped racing back in 1999, and started ridding again at the end of 2006. The 3rd ride back on a bike I crashed causing damage to 5 of my vertebras… on recovering from that I took sometime to get back into ridding and had some good rides through 2007 and 2008.

I managed to pick up a few sponsors for the 2009 season and would like to thank everyone at TCH SUZUKI, SCOTT, ACERBIS, ROCK OIL, MX CLEAN, ONE INDUSTRIES, TAG METALS, K&S RACING, SCUFFS AND SCRATCHES, AUTOLINE GP, DEFENDER SECURITY, EXPOSED AND KEVIN LAURANCE PHOTOGRAPHY for there support this season.

It was a long championship which had its ups and downs for me. Bike problems mid season forced the championship to the final round but I kept my head, road smooth, and took the championship…

I’m looking forward to next season now and staying true to the 2 stroke…

David Ford

Congratulations to David and all those who fight the good fight. You are all champions.

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