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John Dowds Aluminum Framed PT250

by JohnNicholas on 08/19/2009

John Dowd loves two-strokes! This bike was custom-built using a KXF250 Frame and KX250 engine. The bike is fast as seen by the holeshot Dowd got at the Unadilla FMF 2 Stroke Invitational. (not including Weinert.. who had a little advantage :-) )

Unfortunately the Kawasaki factory would prefer that he race the four-strokes and not this bike. So you may not see it around all that much. Since its appearances may become rarer in the future, here are a few pics.

First turn action at Unadilla. Photo by Paul Schwab

Dowd's PT250.





The winners circle was filled with smiles. Photo by Paul Schwab

For more information about John Dowd visit his web site