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Two-Strokes of the X Games

by JohnNicholas on 08/13/2009

While four-strokes are still the bike of choice for many professional racers, there are some that prefer to use two-strokes.

At the X Games a few racers chose to use two-strokes. Of course a large contingent of freestyle riders use them all the time, including one of the most popular riders in the world, Travis Pastrana.

Travis had been working on a new over-the-top freestyle maneuver for quite some time. The idea for it came from Dave Mirra and BMX. It seems that Dave Mirra challenged Travis to do the trick on a motorcycle.

With that in mind Travis chose to use an RM125. With a little help from his friends over at FMF the bike was prepped and ready for the attempt. After numerous attempts landing in the foam pit at the Pastrana compound, Travis felt he was ready to attempt it.

Travis Pastrana's FMF prepared Suzuki RM125. Photo by Transworld Motocross

Upside down while attempting the 720 backflip. Photo by Steve Cox

As you already know, he was not successful in the attempt. From all accounts he basically just fell from the sky. But you’ve got to give the guy some credit, he tries things that would kill most normal people!

The other well know racer to bring a two-stroke was Josh Grant. He was entered in the best whip contest with the two-stroke and finished 4th.

Josh Grant's JGRMX prepared YZ250. What an amazing pipe!

Look at the worksmanship that went into building that pipe. Photo by Transworld Motocross

Todd Potter won the best Whip Contest with an unbelievable whip, it seemed like he was almost upside down and backwards at one point. Check out the video below.

Todd Potter flying to X Games Gold in the Best Whip Contest. Photo by Metal Mulisha.

Two-strokes are in the news!!