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The 2010 KTM Motocross Line-Up

by JohnNicholas on 08/13/2009

Amazing how in the middle of the summer that manufacturers release information about the following years models. Think about it the racing season is barely over and now weíre looking at new bikes.

Although it does alleviate the speculation and rumors that had been floating around for months. Plus itís fun to look at whatís new.

According to this information it looks as though KTM has not added Fuel Injection to their machines for 2010. But we have heard some rumblings from folks that deal direct with the factory that have already ridden fuel injected two-stroke KTMís. Unfortunately the rider was sworn to secrecy and could only mention that he had ridden one and did not elaborate further.

Weíll just have to wait and see what happens.

Kudos to KTM for continuing to build a full-line of two-stroke motocross machines.

Hereís the full line-up of the 2010 KTM Motocross two-strokes.


2010 KTM 250SX. It's still orange!

Left side close-up view.


2010 KTM 150SX

150SX left side.


2010 KTM 125SX.

Rear 3/4 view of the 125SX.


2010 KTM 105SX.


2010 KTM 85SX - standard.

2010 KTM 85SX - big wheel.


2010 KTM 65SX


2010 KTM 50SX

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