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2010 Yamaha YZ250 Two-Stroke – Sneak Peek or Hoax?

by JohnNicholas on 08/11/2009

Was there ever a bike that was more anticipated than the 2010 YZ250 two-stroke?

There has been rumors, speculation, and questions but very few real facts.

Usually the “facts” are something along the line of – “I talked to a friend that spoke to someone that works at a Yamaha dealer in New Jersey and he says…” Unfortunately there are very few facts that can be proven or attributed to a reliable source.

This very well could be the new 2010 YZ250 two-stroke. The interesting part of this photo is that the rims are anodized black, the wheels on the first photo release of the YZ250F were black. Coincidence or Fake?

One of our sharp-eyed readers found what seems to be a photograph of the newest member of the YZ250 lineage. But where did the photo come from? No one knows. After a little search on Google I found a couple of more “Spy Photos” of the 2010 YZ250. But they don’t match up.

Another photo of the 2010 YZ250... or not.

This photo was photoshopped in an attempt to "guess" what the bike would look like with new graphics.

Then I found a photo of what is supposed to be a 2010 Honda CR125. This photo was admittedly Photoshopped by the person that posted it on the Internet. It appears that there are some excellent Photoshop artists out there in the moto world.

Photoshopped photo of the "2010 Honda CR125". Nicely done fake.

Why would someone spend so much time creating a fake new bike? You guess is as good as anyone elses.

In my opinion these fakes just confuse the issue. Come on Yamaha, let’s see a press release for the new bike!