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James Stewart Texas Ride Day July 25, 2009

by JohnNicholas on 07/27/2009

On Saturday, July 25, Texas motocross fans had their chance to get up close and personal with the champ. Red Bull and James Stewart Entertainment held a FREE ride day at Oak Hill Motocross Park in Alvord, Texas, which is located northwest of Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Racer fans were treated to a practice session that included riding the track with James. Considering the sweltering 100+ degree temperatures, there was a good turnout.

James Stewart on his YZ250 two stroke. Photo by Aaron Remkus

Again James chose to ride a YZ250 two stroke machine for his fan ride day. This time the bike was decorated with race graphics and big fat number 1?s. In addition the bike also sported a Pro Circuit pipe.

There are so few racers on the planet that ride quite the same way that Stewart manages to. His scrubs over the jumps are just incredible. Then with the light weight of the two stroke he tosses the bike around like a toy.

The Stewart scrub. Photo by Aaron Remkus

His appearance on a YZ250 two stroke does lead to some speculation as to why he chose it over his championship winning 450F.

Could it be that Yamaha has something really special planned for their 2010 YZ250? Is it actually possible that the that for 2010 we will see two strokes back out on the tracks in the pro ranks?

Roosting a Texas berm. Photo by Aaron Remkus

Well whatever the reason there is lot’s to look forward to if you are a fan of two strokes.

Very cool idea to hold these ride days. I wonder if there will be more over the course of the summer? Hopefully we’ll find out soon.





All photos by Aaron Remkus