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Meet the new TSM project bike.

by Ron Smith on 05/12/2018

Stay tuned, we are going to be doing some interesting stuff with this bike!

TSM Project YZ250


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125 Two Stroke

by Ron Smith on 04/18/2018

Is this the begining of the return of the two stroke to mainstream?  We can hope!

125 All Star Series

MX Sports Pro Racing has created the 125 All Star Series to bring 125cc 2-Stroke racing back to seven Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Nationals in 2018! Hangtown, Thunder Valley and Washougal in the west, plus High Point, The Wick and Budds Creek in the east, will all host rounds with a showdown at the Ironman finale. 

The 125 All Star Series is open to current production-based 125cc 2-stroke machines, as well as non-current production models from the final three years of production for manufacturers that no longer produce 125cc models. To be eligible to compete riders must be a minimum 16 years of age, with an AMA skill classification of “B” or higher. Current and former AMA Pro Motocross-licensed riders are eligible to compete, so long as they are not participating in the professional classes at that event.

See all the details here: 125 All Star Series