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Reed valves, power valves, silencers, who needs them?  I don't get why the good old rotary valve didn't catch on.  They provided so much power, and the throttle response was better than a reed valve engine (which has a bit of hesitation compared to piston-port or rotary valve).  And, it was a spinning piece of metal instead of some bits of fiberglass bending back and forth.  Unbreakable!  Ever wonder how Kawasaki could make a 100cc flat-tracker that would pull massive wheelies with full-grown men onboard?  Rotary valve!

That's my rant for the day.


--- Quote ---what's the best reed valve to get
--- End quote ---
It comes down to what part of the powerband you want to
enhance.  For better low to mid and improved throttle response,
The VForce 3 is the ticket.  For better top end, the Rad Valve
is the choice.  I have used both over the years and now use
the VForce exclusively for 250 cc and up and the Rad Valve
on 125s. 


Rad Valve   pinner to winner    don't send your money to Italy keep it here!Boysen

Out of Order:

G-Money, I don't think you have your facts right about the V-Force, Moto Tassinari is not from Italy, their shop is in Lebanon, NH, right on the Vermont line, and from what I have heard, they are great people!!  I love my V-Force 3's in my YZ250!!!


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