Nate Page on his KX 125 at Central Village

As the gate drops, Nate gets a pretty good start on his 125 only to get held up in the first corner. As we have been told a 125 has no chance against a 250f, especially coming from the back of the pack.. Listen to the beautiful music as makes his way through the thumpers for a podium spot.

Nice Riding Nate!

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3 thoughts on “Nate Page on his KX 125 at Central Village

  1. Great ride!!! I always liked the Central Village track with NESC, but they had some strange rules back in the ’80’s, don’t know if they are still in place. I think the state of CT went by stock car racing rules, you couldn’t keep your bike & gas at your truck, they had to be in a special roped-off area, kids under 16 couldn’t race, and we couldn’t start racing until noon (I think it was anyway). Anyway, great recovery from being hosed in the first turn Nate!!

  2. Dude it’s great that you’re out there trying to whoop that 4$ ass on a 125. My advice to you is to stay wide in the turns and keep up your speed, you’re losing alot of time trying to come in tight and accelerate out of the turns. 125 success is all about momentum.

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