TSM/BTO supported Ricky Renner #532 “A Sweet New Orleans Jazz Solo”

The fans in New Orleans got a treat Saturday Night, the sound and smell of premix coming from Renner’s YZ. It may have been missed by a few, but it was noticed by many more.

When Renner got the the dome he was immediately told that AMA Tech wanted to check his bike out, they tagged it for a post race inspection.

Ricky qualifyed in 39th place against the fastest lites rider’s in the country. Not only was his 125  faster than enough 250f’s to make the night show, he was also faster than 8 450’s.

AMA Tech declared it a 125cc.

Ricky said the 125 and the tight track didn’t go well together, he finished his heat race in last. He said he knew he couldn’t make it, but he wanted to make some noise for the crowd. RacerX described it as “A Sweet New Orleans Jazz Solo”

Was he at a disadvantage on the 125? Of course. 125 Vs. 250, easy math.

Does the AMA think this is fair? Yes they do.

There needs to be a rule change in Pro MX. Sign the petition, let’s see if the fans can make a difference. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/review-ama-pro-racing-rule-change/sign.html

 We are proud of Ricky for taking on the huge challenge of qualifying on the 2 Stroke, thanks to all of the sponsors and fans that supported his efforts!








 Thanks to: BTOSports.com, DEP Pipes, Moto Hose, Get Dirty MX, Competitive Edge Inc., Eric Gorr and any other we may have missed! 


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7 thoughts on “TSM/BTO supported Ricky Renner #532 “A Sweet New Orleans Jazz Solo”

  1. Yea 2 stroke on today’s sx track that’s designed for 4 strokes and having a displacement disadvantage is gonna be a problem!! If there’s gonna be any chance for the 2 stroke I think its gonna be on an Mx track. I also want to admit to being suckered into the 4 stroke hype having spent lots of time in the ATV world and not having anything new for years to ride I bought the 2004 trx450r as
    soon as it came out and it was just not nearly as fun as the old trx250 wt 350 kit! And glad I sold the 450 before I had to rebuild it!

  2. I hope someday the AMA/FIM will stop being the bottom b***h for the “big four” manufacturers and put some rules into effect that will level the playing field and allow riders and teams to have a choice of what they choose to run.

  3. Being allowed to ride a 150, against the 250fs, would make no difference at all.

    I’ve written it before, as much as I admire people making such an effort, to organise a petition, anything but an equivalency rule, is a waste of time and effort. And, in the series / organisations, that now allow equivalency, you’re not seeing the 4ts being slaughtered ( and That Should Be Highlighted), and, a petition like this, if it got through, could cause the loss of equivalency class racing where it exists, and / or, delay it for many more years.

  4. Great for Ricky Congrats mate well done, some more great news in the Aussie motorcross series in mxd ( under 19s ) a young man called Dylan Leary spanked the factory training ground teams on a yz250 to take top of the podium. Baby steps guys but we are slowly making ground.

  5. @Bearorso. Its not all about equivalency but about people who cant afford to race 4 strokes. It is well documented and proven that two strokes are a lot cheaper to run and maintain. This therefore gives more people the oportunity to enjoy motocross and compete without having to worry about valve clearences, oil filters, etc.

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