Two Strokes are taking over the town – FMX Jam 2



Palmerston North, the time has come – in just over 48 hours the sound of two-stroke engines will fill the air when the freestyle motocross event FMX Jam 2 arrives in town.

“ [TSM] is thrilled to see world-famous Kiwi riders performing for the crowd on two-stroke bikes,” says TSM owner Charles Owens.

“In a era of truly impressive four-stroke engineering, the two-stroke engine has never been more alive,” Mr Owens says.

For its weight, the two-stroke is the fastest and most powerful motocross engine ever built.

Characterised by their distinctive sound, formidable power-to-weight ratio and unmistakable smell of oil and petrol fumes, two-stroke engines remain a force to be reckoned with on the global freestyle motocross scene.

“The American Motorcyclist Association [AMA] rules and bike manufacturers’ trends have had an influence on the popularity of two-strokes on the supercross racing scene over the past 10 years,” says TSM public relations spokesman Paul Savage.

“In freestyle motocross the two-stroke engine remains as dominant as ever before,” he says.

Presented by Brian Deegan and Larry Linkogle’s Metal Mulisha, the FMX Jam 2 event features riders Truman Carroll, Nick Franklin, Mitch McHardy, Jason White and internationally-famous Palmerston North rider Levi Sherwood.

Franklin, Carroll and Sherwood are set to compete in the event on Yamaha and KTM two-stroke bikes.

Sherwood has competed at the Summer X-Games in Los Angeles, California and ridden with the world-renowned Red Bull X-Fighters.

“TSM wishes riders and spectators a safe and enjoyable day at the FMX Jam 2,” Mr Savage says.

 Media contact: Paul Savage

021 022 32808

What:               FMX Jam 2

When:              Saturday, February 25, 3pm

Where:             The Square, Palmerston North

Cost:                Free admission


About TSM: is an online community and support base for riders and enthusiasts of the two-stroke motocross bike.

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3 thoughts on “Two Strokes are taking over the town – FMX Jam 2

  1. I personally think this is the ultimate indicator of riders “riding the best machine available” and yet I fear it may be just a matter of time until the “agenda” realizes that this sport is working it’s way into the mainstream public’s eye and it will become their next frontier to conquer.

    Think about it, these riders need the max power with the least amount of weight and they base so many tricks on being able to instantly accelerate. 2 strokes are the penultimate weapon for this and I so appreciate how they choose to use smokers. It is a true win-win!

  2. Even after 10 years, FMX riders still chose to ride 2-strokes. They buy their own bikes choose 2-strokes. This sport demands a good bike, something light, controllable and powerful and 2-strokes are that bike. Only when a manufacturer pays a FMX rider do they switch to 4-strokes.

  3. @Ren Schmidt

    Yes but on the flip side of the coin, the two stroke can be a trap in this sport because of the power deleivery. Having a sudden surge of power of the face of an upramp that is going to shoot you 50 meters in the air is hardly ideal really. Lot’s of injuries are caused by this issue. But still on the whole 2 strokes are better for FMX riders with experience, just they can be dangerous for less experienced riders.

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