2012 AMA Supercross Series Schedule

The SX season has come again, are you as excited as we are?!

We have put together a Supercross guide for you, including Broadcast times and channels. Bookmark this to keep it for reference all season.



TV Broadcast schedule

The upcoming 2012 AMA Supercross Championship will feature 11 live broadcasts on SPEED TV. Last year the network experienced a 24% increase in its ratings, with heightened interest overseas from such countries as Chad Reed’s hometown of Australia. Coupled with the increased coverage of AMA Motocross, next year will be one of the most televised seasons of the sport.

Feld Motor Sports announced today the television package for the 2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, which – for the first time ever – includes 11 live broadcasts on SPEED and nine hours on CBS Sports.
For the first time in the sport’s history, SPEED will broadcast live coverage from the following 11 races: Anaheim Race 1, Phoenix, San Diego, Arlington, Atlanta, St. Louis, Daytona, Indianapolis, Toronto, Seattle and Las Vegas.

“The last few seasons of Monster Energy Supercross on SPEED have provided great storylines and fantastic racing,” said SPEED President Hunter Nickell. “Being able to deliver a record number of races live on SPEED in 2012 is a testament to the growing interest in the series and the commitment to continue that growth by our partners at Feld Motor Sports and the team here at SPEED.”

CBS Sports will provide next day coverage at Los Angeles, Oakland, Anaheim Race 2, Houston, New Orleans and Salt Lake City. In addition, CBS Sports will air a Monster Energy Supercross season preview on December 25 at 2:00 p.m. ET, a Monster Energy Supercross special on February 26 at Noon ET and a Monster Energy Supercross season recap show on May 5 at Noon ET.

“On the heels of the greatest season ever, the increase in live coverage on SPEED, and the network coverage on CBS Sports is another step forward for the sport,” said Charlie Mancuso, president, Feld Motor Sports. “This elevates the riders, the sponsors and the sport to a higher level and provides the loyal fans the most comprehensive television package Monster Energy Supercross has ever had.”

Host Ralph Sheheen will be joined by color analyst and former Supercross class champion Jeff Emig, while Erin Bates will return as pit reporter.

In 2011, television ratings on SPEED increased 24%, which included eight live broadcasts, up two from 2010, and CBS Sports provided nine hours of network coverage that yielded a 21% increase in ratings.
Similarly, Internationally, Monster Energy Supercross was broadcast in 181 countries. Highlighting the international interest was a 66% increase in Australia, home of former two-time Supercross class champion Chad Reed, during Q1, besting NFL Playoff coverage.

Air Date             Venue/City                                                                                     Network/Time
12/25/2011       Supercross Preview Show                                                         CBS 2:00pm ET
1/7/2012            Angel Stadium Anaheim, Calif.                                         SPEED (Live) 10:00pm ET
1/14/2012         Chase Field Phoenix                                                            SPEED (Live) 9:30pm ET
1/22/2012         Dodger Stadium Los Angeles                                                      CBS Noon ET
1/29/2012         Overstock.com Stadium Oakland                                                 CBS Noon ET
2/5/2012            Angel Stadium Anaheim, Calif.                                                     CBS Noon ET
2/11/2012         Qualcomm Stadium San Diego                                          SPEED (Live) 10:30pm ET
2/18/2012         Cowboys Stadium Arlington, Texas                                     SPEED (Live) 9:30pm ET
2/25/2012         Georgia Dome Atlanta                                                            SPEED (Live) 7:30pm ET
2/26/2012         Supercross Special                                                                          CBS Noon ET
3/3/2012            Edward Jones Dome St. Louis                                             SPEED (Live) 9:30pm ET
*3/10/12             Daytona Int’l Speedway Daytona, Fla.                                       SPEED (Live) TBD
3/17/2012          Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis                                           SPEED (Live) 7:30pm ET
3/24/2012          Rogers Centre Toronto, ON                                                  SPEED (Live) 7:30pm ET
4/1/2012            Reliant Stadium Houston                                                                CBS Noon ET
4/15/2012          Louisiana Superdome New Orleans                                            CBS Noon ET
4/21/2012          Qwest Field Seattle                                                                 SPEED (Live) 10:30pm ET
4/29/2012          Rice-Eccles Stadium Salt Lake City                                              CBS Noon ET
5/5/2012            Sam Boyd Stadium Las Vegas                                             SPEED (Live) 10:00pm ET
5/6/2012            Supercross Season Review                                                            CBS Noon ET

*Not a Feld Motor Sports-produced race

For more information on the Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, please log on to www.SupercrossOnline.com. For all media requests, please contact Denny Hartwig dhartwig@feldinc.com or 630-566-6305. To follow Monster Energy Supercross on Facebook and Twitter, log on to http://www.facebook.com/supercrosslive and http://twitter.com/supercrosslive.


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29 thoughts on “2012 AMA Supercross Series Schedule

  1. I am about as excited as going to the dentist. It is just Nascar on 2 wheels. No more, no less. It’s about the sponsor’s and factories. Gone are the days of simplicity, of fun and watching your rider race the same ( or similar ) bike as you have. A bike you can race, fix, race, fix and make a name for yourself. Now when a rider excels from the pack in the small bike classes, he is swallowed up by the machine. The machine that turns you into a mindless, drone, who’s riders spew out words like Carmichael did in his waning years, about the advancement and power of the 4 stroke. Where no one is honest anymore about the rules put in place to advance an inferior machine just to sell parts.

    No sirreeee, no MX/SX for me. I used to watch MX/SX for the sport, then I watched it for the lone 2 stroker, now that is no longer an option. Now, to get my 2 stroke fix I have to watch kart race’s or R/C planes. But, as soon as the machine realizes what I know about karts, they too will be swallowed up and our bright eyed youth’s will have their brains sucked out and replaced with the “spew” they all get as they see the $$$$$ signs.

    Some would argue that I am not a true fan of the sport. To this I would say, “bah-humbug”. My passion for motorcycles started when I was 6 and it has taken me touring the U.S., to road racing, to hill climbing, to desert racing, to MX and everything else associated with motorcycles. Except for the Sturgis scene. I fear my passion for the smoking type of motorcycle will probably shorten my life if I attended one of those gatherings. But I digress, I would say that I am one of the sports biggest fan, but since a certain company has decided for the entire world what we should race, ride and watch compete on TV, then they by doing so, have ripped the heart out of the sport, making it no longer the sport I was attached to. It is now only differentiated by the color of the bike, by the name of the rider and not by the purist of the sport. It is a shame that we no longer have a say in our passion.

  2. i’m sorry but am i missing something here, i thought this site was dedicated to two strokes

  3. @Miguel, ummmm…… gee I won’t. Remember, this is a forum for people’s opinions. My opinion is that the way things are, you know unfair and all, is that I won’t until some assemblance of order and equality returns.

    @Wyatt, did you read my post, especially the 2nd paragraph???

  4. Despite no obligation to reply to such an impolite demand from your good self, I will tell you that I have only ever owned two strokes and can’t see that changing. I will point out that last time I checked this is a ‘discussion’ forum, and people do often have contrary opinions. That is what makes it a discussion.

    I will however be sitting with my friends with a tasty beverage and watching the supercross on Saturday night, regardless of how many strokes are out there. If that is what the premier category is running, as a race fan I will be watching it. Agree or disagree with the current displacement formulae or whatever – It is what it is.

    If you don’t like that that is what is on offer then the choice is yours to make, you either watch it or you don’t, right?

  5. I’m with you ren, I see through what the sport is really all about, money. Not what people want, and the 4t got pushed to were it is today, why do you think more people are with 4 strokes? Because the AMA did not allow 2ts to race en less it is in the amateurs. Now putting winning fast guys on 4ts will sell them, not to mention how much the sport has gone to hell because of money shortages, and not selling as mush bikes as 2ts. This happened after the 2 strokes could not race anymore. Its funny how easy the four stroke got to get a chance in the AMA. And how anti 2 stroke the AMA really is. I guess after riding 4ts for so long, and used to riding them, the pros don’t want to ride the 2ts anymore because they require a more aggressive riding style. more parts, more money to spend, right? I watch the 450 class still, its just a little boring to watch……

  6. What is with the lag about comments…

    Anyway, Miguel, when you come here and tell us that you’ve only owned two strokes, but you tell us four strokes are the ones that are better to race, you insist that you’re not rich, and you’ve only owned two strokes, and yet, you race a four stroke?

    Honestly, you’ve come here, and all I’ve seen you do is interrogate and insult.


  7. It will take a great deal to return my interest to supercross. The powers-that-be in North America have seemed to kill the nature of motorcycle racing which made it popular here in the United States. I’m referring to the on-any-Sunday opportunity to pile out of a van with what you have and be competitive on a national level.

    I believe that this is one reason that the AMA seems to have effectively killed SuperMoto in this country. It was amateur-based, it was a favorite of “factory guys” who also competed out of their own vans or mini-trailers, it was accessible outside of the NFL/NBA/AMA “sports franchise” world…and the manufacturers didn’t have direct control.

    The reason I specifically bring up SuperMoto is that it was dominated by four-strokes…but lived in “the same world” that we two-stroke guys love…amateur- or grass-roots-driven motorsports that high-level competition is affordable and accessible to non-factory guys on equipment not driven by the factories. Think about it…Husky and KTM were frequently dominant brands at a good number of races, and the races were at places where promoters couldn’t sell overpriced tickets to bleacher seats with bad hot dogs.

    My preference is for the two-stroke, but I believe the drivers/motivators behind it’s demise are the same as the drivers behind the snuffing of SuperMoto, the lack of emphasis put on flat-track and the general indifference to the breeding ground of the sport…amateur racing. My thought is that many would rather have professional motorcycle racing of any kind be relatively inaccessible to all but the “career-from-birth” types you see in European Moto-GP and formula-car racing.

  8. Wyatt:
    When did I say 4 strokes were better racing? I never ever said that. I said
    “If that is what the premier category is running, as a race fan I will be watching it.” Last time I checked the AMA motocross nationals and the Supercross series are the premier series.

    Also when the hell did I say I raced a 4 stroke? And when did MY income come into this? And you are talking about ME interrogating?
    Take the chrome aviators off son, they are affecting your comprehension.

    Yes, it is a shame that no two strokes are there. I nearly soiled my jocks last year when Cedric was supposed to be running the YZ. But it never happened. And realistically the fact that there are no 2 strokes is not gonna change in the foreseeable future, so you can boycott it or you can watch it. I don’t want to watch reruns of “Jersey Shore” so 4 strokes it is. I don’t think you understand the point I am making.

    I will agree that the lag thing is annoying, at the time I posted my reply the only post present was the one starting with ‘Listen…’

  9. Well…im not a superhero but i still watch movies about them. Its still motocross whether its 2stroke or 4. And how many people watch the superbowl but have no interest in either team playing. I think its awesome that this year there will be more LIVE races being broadcast. More recognition in the sport in general benefits everyone.

  10. @Erin and everyone else, I see your point about watching as it is MX/SX but to me, I would be sitting around watching and yet I would ( and do ) feel like I am condoning what’s happening. Sounds silly I know, but I wouldn’t sit around and watch a kid get beat up or an animal as these things are wrong, so to watch it seems wrong as well. If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything and right or wrong ( to everyone else, ) it’s just plain wrong to me and therefore I will not partake of the festivities.

    Again , my beef isn’t with racing per se, it’s that one company has decided that they are going to dictate what everyone rides, watches and races and the agency put in place by US and for US, is doing nothing for the wishes of the people. Sure the true 4 strokers are happy and are getting their way, but up until a few years ago, the 2 stroke was promoted, raced and was all that was right in the world and now it’s all that’s wrong, what has changed? Nothing, except the rules. And these rules in no way shape or form benefit society at all, not one bit. They do not benefit the racers, the riders, the fans and with no EPA testing, they do not harm the environment anymore than RACING 4 strokes do, so what good are they to anyone?, except those setup to gain huge in regards to almighty dollar.

    It’s an agenda setup for one reason and one reason only. If it weren’t, then the rules would be fair as many new 2 strokes can and do meet and or beat any emissions testing, one has only to look at the sled and outboard worlds. BTW, what brand h is doing in MX/SX and road racing, brand y tried to do in snowmobile racing. They got away with it ( sort of ) in their first year, but their heavy, overweight and underpowered 1000cc 4 cyl. 4 strokes still got their a**** handed to them by the 600cc 2 stroke twins. So brand y tried to get the rules changed again and the snowmobile racing agencies did what the p****** at the AMA and the FIM could not do and they stood their ground and said “NO” to the boys in blue. Did this hurt racing? Did it hurt attendence? Did it hurt sales? Did it affect anything in a negative way? The answer to all 4 is no, no, no and no. And the sled ( governing ) boys now look like heroes, not because they did what was right in regards to the 2 stroke, but because they did the fair and right thing and then let the chips fall where they may.

  11. The best are the SX ads they are playing on the radio here in Phoenix. They have different riders talking but in the background the sound effect they choose is a 2 stroke revving up. It goes on for about 30 seconds with an occasional burst from a 2 stroke in between the banter. I can’t help but laugh. I guess at least the sound of a 2 stroke is forever ingrained into the sport. There really is no sweeter sound than a pro rider on a 2 stroke wringing it out.

  12. @Kurtis, I agree. I fired up my 250 smoker and made a run around my track. I needed to get my “fix” and my bike didn’t disappoint, what I was so amazed at ( though I don’t know why, it does it to me everytime ) was the huge smile as the front end climbs towards the sky in the first 3 gears and the smell…. nothing on the planet like that smell of good pre-mix.

    There is not a devoted MX/SX racer/rider over 30 who could convince me that they don’t smile when they throw a leg over a smoker.

  13. This is strictly a personal point of view and I hold the position of “agree to disagree”. The total elimination of 2 strokes in SuperCross was the final straw for me. I had already grown tired of the circus like atmosphere the racing had become in the years since I attended the first San Diego event back in the early 1980’s. My father and I went to see racing, not boring opening ceremonies, fireworks, out-of-synch and inaudiable interviews, etc. After Dad passed away, I went a few more times, but the obnoxious noise of the four strokes combined with the other detractions (along with numerous drunken fights in the parking lots after the races) were the deal breaker for me.

    I totally agree with Mr. Ren, I can’t support something that is so blatantly rigged to favor one type of machine over another.

    I can appreciate the skill levels of the top participants, but prefer to spend my entertainment money elsewhere.

  14. Hey Charles, any word on Joey Rossi in regards to the Anaheim 1 race or anyone on a smoker making a qualifier? As I stated, this would be the only reason I tune in, but it would be worth it, any word from anyone on this????

  15. Some people on this site run the risk of appearing to be similar to conspiracy theorists whom wear tin foil hats.

    Simple matter of fact is if the AMA doesnt treat you properly there are two things you can do.

    1. Sook and complain until you make even the two stroke enthusiests’ ears bleed (preaching to the choir)

    2. Or you can do something about it.

    boycott the AMA, and the products and services of those who support it and either:

    i: Form your own racing organisation that represents what you think is ideal racing. or
    ii: Assist as much as possible to help other racing organisations that you approve of grow and develop into a premier series.

    Far too much winging and whinning on this site and not enough action, and to those of you which have actually done something for the cause, I solute you.


  16. @Jeram, first off, we are trying to fight a huge injustice, so drop the conspiracy talk. Secondly, I know of no one who’s spent more time, more money, and put in more effort trying to be heard by the AMA, and the FIM, or trying for a voting position with either or writing letters to those who are affecting this or are affected by it, than I am. What are you doing about it?

    Thirdly, I have tried to contact the bigger companies, manufacturers of expansion chambers, 2 stroke oil, and or anyone who has something to gain and or lose by this most assanine ruling and they are too busy to respond, or don’t care, or ??? But they are of no help. I take the position that these big companies will at some point start crying about the 2 strokes demise and will ask, “what happened to the smoker?” and to this I will say, “we tried contacting you and many others and you did NOTHING to help, so where were you?”

    I have tried to get support by selling shirts, sponsoring racers and generating a 2 stroke track/ride days on the west coast as well as starting up a fair and balanced governing body. And the response back has been ZILCH!!! ( Some of )these companies who make 2 stroke based parts are doing nothing, nothing, nothing, as far as what I can see. I think they’d rather complain about it, rather than be responsible and or act upon it.

    Brand X has decided what everyone in the world should race, or watch and no one seems to care enough to try and stop it and get some sort of fairness back, to be honest with you, I think that some of these 2 stroke companies are selling products that cater to the 4 stroke ( which we will not do ) and while I guess this is ok, for them, it is lining their pockets enought that the fight would only hurt their efforts to make money from the diesel crowd. So, they want fairness back but, don’t mind taking the 4 strokers money and will get “on board” with the 2 stroke fight when they see things shifting back.

    So 2 things for you, be a little more grammatically correct and be a solution not another problem.

  17. I hate to say, but what your doing is ineffective. You are trying to sell something to people and organisations (AMA, FIM) that don’t want it as they are doing just fine without us.
    And your trying to contact large exhaust companies that produce two stroke exhaust, but that don’t care, they’re making much more money producing more expensive four stroke exhaust with Bullsh*t power-bomb technology!.

    Applying your effort to a grassroots two stroke race organisation and assisting it to grow into something much bigger would be a much more efficient way forward.

    As for what I do for the cause?

    Im pushing our current crop of two strokes to the absolute limit of high performance tuning. Our 80hp 368cc single cylinder two stroke will hopefully be fired up for the first time in a few weeks.
    Why beat the four strokes when you can obliterate them…
    That is how you change the trends and that is how the two stroke became the weapon of choice in 500cc GP Racing.

    Sitting on your butt writing letters demanding what you think is rightfully yours wont get you anywhere, go out to the shed and get your hands dirty or start trying to sell your ideas to people who actually want it at grass roots level.

  18. @Jeram, ok so what you are doing is going to change the racing world? What you are building and selling will force the factories and the people to beat your door down to get their hands on a 80 horse 300cc 2 stroke for …….. ummmm what purpose again?

    I applaud your work, your efforts, your passion, but there is not ONE thing you are doing that is going to amount to squat as far as changing the world back to the 2 stroke. No one is going to say “wow the rules suck, the factories are making a killing on parts, the people are blind to it, but, there’s a guy making 300cc 2 strokes, that’s all I need, sign me up!”

    In fact, it is going to take people who make their point with their wallets, they are going to need to make people step back and say that they are hurt financially and things need to change. We need voters and voices that make the difference, your efforts are good but, it will not stem the tide against the billion dollar companies that make a killing selling parts and these same co’s know as long as they sell parts by the truckload to joe ( lost ) average, and the trickle down money to those who assist this ( the AMA/FIM/etc. ) agenda will continue until, as I said, they are forced to move because of finances. The guys who can make ( or help ) this happen are the guys who have enough money, when pulled together, such as expansion chamber co’s, et al. Then, and only then will we be able to make in-roads into restoring fairness.

  19. This battle cant be won with a democratic approach simply because the companies and organisations your fighting arnt democratic. As long as they are making money they dont care.
    To prove that point, it all of your efforts, how many organisations and companies have you got on board?

    People arnt stepping back with the wallets.. people are still just as happy to buy a 2T expansion chamber from FMF, not only because they are crappy pipes but also because they produce four stroke pipes.

    Because lets face it, not everyone who rides a two stroke feels that they are hard done by, theyre not AMA pro racers so why the hell do they care what the rules are? it doesnt effect them in any way shape of form!

    Even the factories are still developing two strokes in light of these restrictions.

    These people who refuse to boycott the companies you ask them to,, They race on the local scene where a good rider on a 250 can beat the 450’s. They are happy and content with how things are, they are too busy racing and having fun to waste time sitting on their arse watching AMA on TV.

  20. I am going out there on my modified two stroke to crush the competition, namely the Aprilia twins.

    That is how the 500’s originally got into power.
    They came in, took advantage of the rules and destroyed the four strokes.

  21. I can’t even watch it any more. After last nights race, I find local racing much more exciting. I can’t believe how dull the track layouts are….even my 7 year old Daughter pointed it out!! Maybe it’s me and I’m trying not to be negative but if the racing isn’t exciting to watch whats the purpose anymore? Although I did turn it back on to catch Dungey on the KTM win….Good job!

  22. I am trying to get enough companies on board ( in addition to all of the other fight-fronts I have going on trying to save the smoker ) and put together a team. I’d like to get anyone/everyone who has anything to gain by putting a smoker in the AMA pro series at the highest level of racing.

    My goal is a 250 made by a company that can meet the requirements set forth by the AMA ( read: honda ) preferrably a Husky, Aprilia, TM or ??

    With a super aggressive, fast rider getting alot of seat time, we may make a national or 2 or 10. I know it will be tough, but to garner enough interest to get the rider some TV air time, we can reach some fans and get some more interest/dollars on board.

    All of the letter writing, complaining, et al is doing nothing. So we have got to change the way we battle, and this means, on the track! Then, Joe, your daughter and most of the thinking fans will have something worthy to watch in regards to motorcycle racing. Keep checking back, BTW, I will start to post some updates on my site: http://www.Revanche2strokes.com and maybe here with Chas.

  23. I have had a conversation with a young man ( who’s name I will not mention until he gives me permission to do so ) but he told me he was attempting to get a 250 smoker in the AMA pro nationals class, starting with Anaheim 1.

    He said in his efforts to raise money to race his 2 stroke in the 450 class, he has generated only $10.00, this is unexcusable. He is trying to do what all of us smokers want to see happen and no one has helped at all.

    What do you say guys, he now is going to attempt an attack at the outdoor nationals with his smoker. Can we help him with some funds?

  24. I’m game for helping out anyone get a smoker in the top rankings. Maybe set up a PayPal type thing where we can dontate to. I run a smoker quad and it’s the same way on this side of the house but no one makes a smoker sport quad anymore.

    I’ll be checking daily!!!

  25. If a legitamate fund is set up like Joe suggested a paypal type thing, i will be keen to contribute.

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