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KTM upgrades the two-strokes again (they were new in 2011) and adds linkage, new graphics and engine mods

KTM takes two-strokes seriously and it is showing in their sales charts—KTM sells more two-strokes that some Japanese brands sell of all of their motocross bikes. So you can’t fault the Austrians for investing more money into the 2012 KTM two-strokes:

(1) The KTM 125SX will return to the KTM line-up. It had been dropped several years ago when the 150SX was introduced. Now, KTM believes that the revitalized interest will fuel an increase in 125cc sales.

(2) KTM’s 150SX is an iconic machine that has found favor with everything from young riders coming to the minicycle class to older riders looking for a fun bike to race.

(3) KTM’s omnipotent 250SX already makes the most horsepower of any 250cc two-stroke made, but now ill benefit, along with the 125SX and 150SX, from the development work on the 250SXF, 350SXF and 450SXF four-strokes frames. The 2012 two-strokes will get KTM’s rising rate linkage, new swingarm, upgraded plastic, engine mods and new graphics.

2012 KTM 125SX

2012 KTM 150SX

2012 KTM 250SX


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43 thoughts on “2012 KTM TWO-STROKES; THE 125 IS BACK!

  1. Wow I thaught KTM were happy with the no linkage suspension on the 2strokes, cant wait to read the tests on these machines. Makes you wonder if they have bowed to public pressure or they have realized no matter what the stroke linkage works better. Great work KTM keeping technology on all there bikes, not just the agenda ridden ones. Would still like to see KTM put a professional rider on a 2 stroke, I feel this is the next step that needs to be taken. If not a rider of there own, support for a team that will. I hope TM etc are doing as well as KTM. Cheers Guys.

  2. KTM has been very happy with the linkless system, but I agree they’ve bowed to the pressure to go with the linkage suspension for the MX bikes. KTM has continually revised / pushed the development of the two stroke. Some changes are small, but they are still pushing development… Keep up the good work KTM… Maybe the others will begin to see the light and restart the 2 stroke development again.

  3. K eeping
    T wo strokes
    M otoring

    How refreshing to see a company who has the balls and insight into further developing a succseful proven product.Hopefully the big four take notice and do the same to keep alive the heart and soul and heritage of motocross, the TWO STROKE.

  4. KTM sold more 2 strokes this year than some of the japs sold their whole mx range. makes sense to keep goin with the 2 bangers

  5. That is awesome. Although most of their sales are in Europe, it will eventually reach the U.S.. When they are smart enough to come out with DI, that is when the big-four companies will be sorry…

  6. Japs are betting the wrong horse…
    Since Husaberg released their 2 stroke fleet 250/300 enduromodels quote: “sales exploded”. Top enduro stars are switching to 2strokes, like Joakim Ljunggren.

    I race a RM250 but will probably switch to a KTM 250sx next year. When I asked my local dealer about the 250sx I get the answer there almost completely sold out in Europe and maybe they get one (1) bike this year…

    But the shop is cramped with 4-strokes. lines of sx and exc 250, 350, 450, 530…

  7. Japs are betting the wrong horse…
    Since Husaberg released their 2 stroke fleet 250/300 enduromodels quote: “sales exploded”. Top enduro stars are switching to 2strokes, like Joakim Ljunggren.

    I race a RM250 but will probably switch to a KTM 250sx next year. When I asked my local dealer about the 250sx I get the answer there almost completely sold out in Europe and maybe they get one (1) bike this year…

    But the shop is cramped with 4-strokes. lines of sx and exc 250, 350, 450, 530…

  8. 450 2 stroke? Maybe.
    I’ll be happy with the 300sx being sold as stock and not as a big bore kit only, but nevertheless I’ll go with a 250SX ass soon as they arrive at my country.

  9. Interesting to bring back a 125. Doesn’t really make sense, A 144 is still better. And you can ride up to a 250 in that class. If they should bring back a bike the 200SX would be awesome.

    A 450 would be crazy. I would never get one. Too much power. If anything they could bring back the 360 or 380. 350-370cc would be plenty with today’s tech. That would still produce over 60hp, the same as Service Honda 500AF.

    If you want a 300 from the factory TM Racing makes one. They have a MX300 and it costs about the same as the MX250.

  10. There should be a MXA test of the TM MX300 in the next few months.

  11. The fact that KTM still makes 2 strokes is a great thing, however, I hate to be negative, but, KTM sells more 2 strokes than 4 strokes, they make alot of money on their 2 stroke sales, and yet they use a large percentage of their income to develop, promote and race their 4 strokes. This is inexcusable and we should all be in constant contact with the Austrian firm about this.

    They don’t have any issues with producing them for the masses, yet they don’t race, support, promote ( in any way ) the strokers at the highest level of AMA competition. They have gotten in bed with Honda’s agenda and they act like the 2 stroke is more of an embarrassment in regards to public opinions.

    I have this information on good advice and it’s been confirmed by another factory that has been trying to race their 2 strokes at the pro level. The word is, in summary, that to race at the highest AMA level, factories have to produce and sell “X” amount of 2 strokes in the states, which KTM does. However, the smaller companies who don’t meet this number cannot, this in of itself warrants all of us to take action against the AMA, and KTM could race their strokers, but they don’t. The voting side of the AMA, which is dictated by Honda ( sorry but it’s true ) has an in-place agreement that the 4 stroke agenda will take precedence and if any factory can meet the 2 stroke requirement, they have a huge uphill climb. I also heard ( but cannot verify ) that the amount of sales required will go up the following year, in essence, if a small factory meets the 2 stroke targeted goals, the following year the amount will raise, making it almost impossible race their strokers.

    We should not sit still for this, KTM, the AMA, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and anyone who’s behind and or supporting the 4 stroke agenda, should be made accountable. Remeber guys, the AMA used to stand for, the American Motorcyclist Association, so why aren’t Americans dictating the rules? It’s our organization, we should watch/race the bikes we want, not the factories bent on an agenda. On a down note, all of the votes in the world are not going to sway the money being thrown at the AMA in regards to the rules. In MotoGP, 5 smaller factories wanted to keep 2 strokes in the 125 and 250 classes, 5 of them. Yet after a “closed door” meeting between the FIM and Honda, the rules were changed, the vote was 50 to 1, but the 1 won! Oh, and by the way, now all of the engines supplied for both classes, which are now called MotoGP 3 ( 250’s ) and MotoGP 2 ( 600’s ) are by whom? Honda, and they are all 4 strokes.

  12. @ren schmidt, you are very wrong. KTM does support their two stroke line. their two strokes are still the best at any enduro racing worldwide. cedric Souybernas is racing 250 SX against the 450’s at world GP motocross. The reason why they don’t have more bikes/riders at top racing is because at the handicap the two strokes have to carry, they can not be competitive. Currently no other factory does more for two strokes than KTM. Ren, look at their website and read their own description of the 2T model line. I love two strokes with my heart, but if I would have been their factory team manager, I would not put the two strokes on the starting line knowing that the rider would have big disadvantage. That would be a very stupid thing to do from a manager. Believe me that they have a lot more testing data and knowledge available to know better than all of us here.

  13. lets be honest here. one of the reasons why KTM is still selling 2-strokes is because not many others are. Think about it, the Big 4 dropping out of 2-strokes has just increased KTM’s market share ten-fold. They are milking it while they can. Its a strategic decision. They now own the 2-stroke market and update their bikes only after the 4-strokes are upgraded. That way they are hedging their bets and can go either way depending on where the market goes. It’s business, pure and simple.

    2-strokes will only come back in a big way, when the James Stewarts and Villapotos of the world ride them….

  14. @Divecrazy, Sir, I do not make statements without full knowledge before hand. Trust me, I do my homework and KTM IS on board with the Japs 4 stroke agenda, this comes from alot of inside information, an AMA official and others. Besides, to disprove your comment, do you really, REALLY think KTM has a better chance to win a title with a 46 horsepower, 221 lb. 350 4 stroke over a 59 horsepower 199 lb. 2 stroke? They have agreed to push the 4 stroke agenda at every turn at the AMA’s national level.

    @Darien, you are correct, they know there is a demand for 2 strokes, but it’s more of a token effort and not a dedicated, race them, support them and go all in and gung-ho with the smoker. A huge majority of their income goes to updating/racing their 4 strokes and their 2 stroke updates come late if at all and they put ZERO dollars into racing them in the publics eye. It’s pathetic and they should hear from all of us 2 stroke fans everyday. I for one, not only do not promote them, I try to steer people to either TM, or Maico, or Gas Gas. I know these companies make 4 strokes, but the strokers get updated regularly and they are trying to meet the AMA’s assanine minimum requirements for 2 stroke sales, that are implemented by Honda, therefore these companies need our support.

    KTM has gotten too big to listen and cares nothing about the real 2 stroke fan, they like how all of the smokers, who were abandoned by the japs, have come on board, but they know they cannot fight Honda and won’t even try.

  15. KTM makes & updates their 2t line of bikes because they beleive that the 2-strokes play a big role in the offroad motorcycle world & also because they sell them like crazy! I had to call 17 different KTM dealerships from Maryland,Ohio,Georgia,Virginia,Kentucky,Texas,West Virginia & Pennsylvania to find my recently new 2011 KTM-300xc!
    In my opinion I do NOT think the 2-strokes are going anywhere anytime soon!Bill Gates & 1 other wealthy business man just somewhat recently invested in Eco Motors who just built a older yet newly designed 2-stroke engine that will be used in modern cars,trucks & I’m sure other applications!So as far as I’m concerned I would NOT bet on the 2-stroke engine going away anytime soon that’s for sure.

  16. Russel Bobbit still races a 2 stroke and he’s winning races on the highest level of offroad racing there is. Plus if it’s a AMA pro sanctioned race a 2 stroke couldnt be raced if someone wanted too! Weight limits people! The 450 class bikes must weigh more then 220 pounds. A 2011 KTM 250SX weighs a mere 215 pounds with gas. I have both a 2 and 4 stroke (150XC for offroad and 350SX-F for motocross) and I can honestly say I would be prefer to ride them only where there designed to be.

  17. @Jeff Flick, I am not saying now ( or ever ) that KTM isn’t all in with 2 strokes. They are in but they could do a lot more, and they really should. For any naysayers, ask yourself, why don’t they race their 2 stroke, it is waaaaay more capable of winning than their weezy 350 4 stroke. They don’t race it because they are in with the Japs in regards to the 4 stroke agenda
    ( in the states ) for now. I am not opposed at all to what they are doing as far as producing the once mighty 2 stroke, but they should be promoting, racing, supporting and or, at least doing more than what they are for the 2 stroke faithful. There are millions of 2 stroke fans who’ve stuck by KTM in the good and bad days and these guys should be able to see some fruit for their faithfulness and hard earned and subsequently spent money.

    KTM will find one day that just making 2 strokes isn’t enough. Fans will throw their allegiance to another brand, a brand that walks the walks, not just talks it. Even if TM or Maico, et al, don’t race their 2 strokes, fans will see that these companies are making efforts to do so, KTM has every ability to race at the highest level, and yet they don’t. We fans will not tolerate this much longer and the fan base will move on, it only makes sense. We are true strokers, and we want a company that feels the same, no matter what. Let KTM know how you ( we ) feel and if they cannot appease their true fan base, they need to know like all businesses do, if you are not truly representing the fan base, we will find someone who will.

  18. @RenSchmidt, I am not saying that you are uninformed. But what you are saying about the weight/hp on two stroke vs. 4 banngers, well… that don’t work like that. Again, my heart is with 2strokes and I have a blast of riding them. I live in Thailand and here you can race anything you want. 95% of all riders are riding 2010/11 250 four strokes as they are the fastest bikes here. they have a class here called supercup. It is a class where you must use engine made in Thailand, but rest of the bike can be anything you want. People who are familiar with road sports bikes know that hondsa made NSR 125 in Japan, but Honda Thailand made NSR 150. The NSR 150SP makes 35-37HP in stock version. Thailand is a country of modifications and people can make those engines to over 200cc. Those bikes do have a significantly more power than japanese 125cc bikes. Just imagine that these bikes are racing in the same class with bikes that have a Honda CBR150 four strokes(also made in Thailand). These bikes make 16.5 HP and are heavier than the 2 strokes with more than twice the HP. No chance for the four strokes in the race right? Wrong! The two strokes win sometimes (and only with the class A riders). But most of the time the four bangers are winning. It is a sad moment for me every time and specialy when I try to tell everyone that two strokes are better racing bikes. I personaly own 2005 CR125, 2006 KX250AF(with 2008 KTM250SX engine) and 2011 YZ250F. While the YZF is the least fun bike to ride, when it comes to lap times… well, it is the fastest.

  19. i can’t believe it !!!!There was a time, the customer was KING, and his wishes were respected !!Today you communists shit on everything the people want, like 4-strokes for example, and are busy to do away with our FREEDOM OF CHOICE !!BUT THIS IS AMERICA .. THE LAND OF THE FREE .. WE MUST STAND UNITED AGAINST THIS TYRANNY. ILL SHOW YOU, YOU CAN STICK YOUR 2-STROKES UP YOUR SHITTY ASSES, YOU GODDAMN CROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKS !!!!

  20. brrrrrraaaaaAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KTM 250 XC !!!WITH LINKAGE!!!!

  21. @Divecrazy, years ago a brit racer/editor took a new ( 2007 ) Yamaha R1 that was highly modified and raced it against a 2001 Honda NSR 500 GP bike, now called MotoGP. His point was to show the world that 4 strokes had pulled even with the 2 strokes. The Yamaha was not a true race bike, but since it was newer and had twice the displacement of the 500 2 stroke, they figured it was an even race. The Yamaha also was as close to a race bike as it could get and nowhere near stock. After the racer turned a bunch of laps on both bikes on a closed circuit, the testing began. He ended up with the fastest being on the 4 stroke, he turned a 1 minute 54 seconds on the Yamaha and 1 minute 57 seconds on the 2 stroke. After the test, he went on to slam the stroker at every opportunity. This lead me to believe he was an anti 2 stroke guy, but the test was done and it was what it was.

    I being a curious sort AND a die hard 2 stroker was not content with his analysis, how could a machine ( the 500cc 2 stroke ) that made over 200 horsepower, made more torque and weighed less than the 1000cc 4 stroke Yamaha get beat by it? I thought it was either: A) he hated 2 strokes so he pulled back, or B) he was a dope, or C) he didn’t know how to ride a 2 stroke correctly. I doubt it’s A or B with the guys you referred to, but……

    After some checking, I found out that the racer/tester/editor had raced for years at the same track he tested the two bikes on AND he races the same year, same setup and the same bike ( a modified 2007 Yamaha R1 ) that he tested. It gets better, the same track in 2000 held a GP 500 race there and the LAST ( slowest ) qualifying racer on a 500cc 2 stroke turned laps over 11 seconds faster than what the racer/tester/editor turned on the same bike.

    To summarize and my point, a guy on a faster bike only loses to a mush slower and inferior machine, if he ( or she ) doesn’t know how to properly ride/race the bike he’s on. I for one, raced for years in a class that always put my smaller 2 stroke against much larger machines ( ALL 4 strokes ) and they ( sometimes ) pulled me on the starights, but my experience always put me ahead at the end of the race, mainly because every year the same guys I raced against were always on new machines and I raced the same bike. My comfort level was higher, my confidence was higher and I could push my machine more because I knew it and it’s potential. There is NOOOOOO way I can ever be convinced that a highly superior machine will lose to an inferior one, unless the skill does not allow for the machine to reach it’s potential. Sorry, I’ve been racing, building race bikes, watching, supporting machine and rider(s) and having involvement with teams for 40 years and my experience tells me otherwise.

  22. Going along with what Ren Schmidt said, you can get close to max performance on a 4-stroke with little time getting used to it, but it takes much more practice and training on a 2-stroke to reach it’s potential.

    A lot of these magazine editors spend 90% of their time on 4-strokes, so when they race test one it is fairly accurate. But when they hop on a 2-stroke with bery little training on one in the last 10 years, they won’t get close to it’s potential. So a comparison of a 2t and 4t really isn’t fair.

    If they trained for a month on a 450 they may gain 1-2 seconds. But on a 250 2-stroke they would gain a good 5-10 seconds. A 125 probably more.

  23. @Ren, you are right in what you are saying (meaning all the arguments), but the results are not. I don’t know you, I only know my self and many other riders and we all make mistakes during races. Not one, but many. And even the smalest mistakes make you pay bigger penalty on a 2stroke. That is the only reason why a slower and heavier 4stroke can beat lighter and more powerful 2stroke. Just watch the best riders in the world in a 45 minute GP race. They make many mistakes during the race. Cedric Souybernas is an excelent rider riding 250 SX 2stroke in the 450 class and finishing somewhere in the middle of the pack. But by checking his time, he would’t win if he was aloud to race against the 250 4strokes. And bear in mind that most European tracks are sand tracks. Believe me, I want the same thing as you do. To see 2strokes beating 4strokes on PRO level, AMA or FIM. KTM is putting factory 2strokes in pro racing and while it is the ultimate weapon in enduro racing, it is not the same case in mx or sx. Of course it would be nice to get rid of the stupid handicap in the pro level and have racing with mixed 2t and 4t bikes.

  24. @Divecrazy, I don’t know if you follow AMA pro racing, but a few years ago, Chad Reed, James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael raced SX on 250 2 strokes. They ALWAYS won, ALWAYS!! Granted, they were the best but, they would lap up to 4th or 5th place. Then the rules changed and the racing got closer but the same 3 still won. Then the rules changed again and they ( had to? ) switch to 450 4 strokes. If you looked at their times, they were faster on the 2 strokes until the penalties ( rules chnged ) in which case, they were the same.

    Cedric is a great guy and we at Revanche2strokes.com and others are very proud of him, but, he’s a mid pack rider at best, whether it’s a 4 str. or a 2 str. If the top 2 or 3 guys were given enough time to acclimate to a 2 strokes power delivery and characteristics, they would still be the top 1, 2 or 3 finishers. It is impossible for a skilled 2 stroke rider to be beaten by a 4 stroke that weighs less than the 4 stroke and has more power, unless he is not on top of his game. Mathmatcally or real world, it makes no difference.

    To prove my point, every time someone tries to implement close or closer rules at the highest level of AMA racing, it is shot down by one or all four of the Japanese mfgr’s. This should be enough proof to stand on it’s own. The same thing happened in MotoGP in the early 2000’s. If 4 strokes were equal or superior, no one would argue for fairness. I really have a hard time believing that 120 year old technology that was inferior for 115 years, is now superior and yet the only change was……. a rule changes, not technology?

  25. @Ren Schmidt, I do not only follow AMA pro racing, but racing all over the world. AMA is a very little piece of pie by the way. But that is besides the point. Ren, I admire your 2T passion. I love the 2T’s as well. you realy are not making any sense. Just read some of your previous posts. In many you are stating that it is the rules that makes the 4T superior on the race track over the 2T, not the technology. And most of us here agree with you on this. So, what good it will do for KTM to put full 2T factory team in AMA and FIM pro racing under the current rules? As I told you before, that would be suicide for the team managers and riders as well and specialy for the factories. Just remember when you were racing yourself, and if you had the choice, would you liberately choose a bike that you knew had no chance of winning (giving the rules were unfavorable)? Of course you would’t. People do racing because they want to win: teams, managers, riders and most of them the factories. And just for your information, KTM has got a 2T bike in the GP, but TM has got there only 4T. We all should fight for 2T bikes, for the rules to be changed. You are doing exactly the oposite by spreading untrue rumors that KTM is doing nothing for the 2T. Allowe me to give you one more information that you don’t seem to have: the big four are not getting rich by rulling out 2T MX bikes. They make very little money on MX bikes altogether. The market is too small. Scooters, road bikes, choppers…etc. is where they make money.

  26. @Divecrazy, I do not think you are understanding my point(s) First off, I have said many times on multiple posts that KTM is doing alot in Europe and here in the states at the amateur level. I realize that the U.S. is not representive of the world or the capital of the racing world, but since I am an American and it’s in America that the big-4’s agenda is killing the 2 stroke, it is American racing that my rant is aimed. So my beef is how the AMA is allowing the big-4 to dictate the rules.

    As far as my KTM racing 2 stroke comments, how can you say that their goal is to win? They have ZERO chance to win with their underpowered 350 and a much better chance to win with a lighter, faster and much more powerful 250 2 stroke. So it is based on this, I try to make my point, and to summarize my point, If KTM’s goal is just to have bikes in AMA racing at the U.S. pro level, why not race a 2 stroke, it would do many things for them and the sport. First off, they would bring back millions of fans that left when the AMA sold their self for the 4 stroke agenda, secondly, it would give them ( KTM ) a better chance to sit atop the podium, and it would reassure the millions of 2 stroke fans ( IN THE U.S. ) that KTM still supports, races and backs the 2 stroke. Because frankly Divecrazy, in America, the thinking is that KTM wants to make and sell 2 strokes, but they do not want to race, support, back racers or have any involvement with 2 strokes and some of us think that it’s because of the pressure the big-4 put on them, by the way, this thinking has been confirmed by other companies as well as an AMA officials comment.

    To address your comment, I do not think the 4 strokes are better technologically wise because of the rules, I’ve said that for people to think that 120 year old technology cannot be superior just because of a rules change and if the 2 stroke MUST compete with these rules in place, then KTM should still do what they can to show the U.S. that they are still a 2 stroke company.

    Since KTM does NOTHING in regards to 2 stroke racing at the AMA pro level, how can I be spreading untrue rumors that they are doing what they can for 2 strokes in the United States?

    You are doing more harm by your underpowered 4 strokes beating faster 2 strokes comments than I am, my comments are fact based. Ask any AMA official or any MX/SX 2 stroke fan and they will tell you the same thing or something similar. Here in the states, all 4 of the Japanese brands are all in with 4 strokes and last year alone, they made 74% more money by selling 4 stroke parts than they did the last 5 years ( combined ) when 2 strokes were in their heyday, why would they want or allow KTM or any 2 stroke mfgr to compromise this money, it’s a billion dollar industry. And to keep this cash flowing in, they need to keep the rules in place and to keep the people fooled. I only try to bring light and truth to the agenda and to condemn the companies who take part in this, especially a company that makes millions off the 2 stroke fan, yet does NOTHING to reward their faithfulness in AMA pro racing. Win or not, KTM should repay their 2 stroke fan base by racing and doing what they can….

  27. There is definitely one thing that really shows KTM could race a 250 2-stroke against the 450s. And that is the 350. A 250 will weigh less and make more power. They are wasting money campaigning a bike slower than their 450. It isn’t winning. They would be better off with the 250; it would be cheaper for them and it would be faster.
    What KTM really should do is pick up Justin Barcia. He has shown his 2-stroke skill. And anyone who watched the last SX race you can see him ride the 250f like a 2-stroke and this caused him to crash twice. Those turns he crashed on a 125 would have railed, not washed out the front. The rest of the pack was drag racing then pivoting then drag racing, while he was trying to rail the berm like a 2-stroke.
    So if KTM picked him up and had him race a full factory 125 or 250 they would probably start winning championships. Even if they don’t win, they would gain lots of fans that would root for them.

  28. Re: The KTM 350f death-blow, and the AMA and/or Feld Moto Sports.

    At Dodger Stadium, I watched Andrew Short struggle to leap his KTM 350 and complete the long triple during practice and during the race. The AMA and/or Feld did the consumer a disservice by not shorting the distances to some of these obstacles at these SX races. The paying spectator cannot tell the difference between a 70′ leap or a 65′ leap – so why were they not shortened? Interestingly enough, the slowest of the slowest racer that night could do these leaps easily on their 450f. So who looses when the [IMO] better consumer bike and/or another open bike offering – the lighter, easier to hang onto, safer power curve 350f is doomed by the lack of shorting these leaps? – The [potential] consumer and the innovative/risk-taker KTM are the losers! After reading the above posts of how Honda has controlling power over the AMA — Honda (Yam, Suz & Kawi too) must be delighted at one less competing bike offering (especially after the 350 exploded with much free press after its early USGP and Outdoor National success. More of the same… hardball big business.

  29. As far as the TM mx250 two stroke… I just picked up a 2011 a few weeks ago. And they are AWESOME! KTM and TM are going to explode, DI hopefully will end up being a good thing and all companies will jump back on the 2T bandwagon

  30. Hello all two stroke fans,
    Kenn Roczen has just qualified in fourth place for tommorows MX2 GP race on the KTM125 SX. By the way, his time was better than Pourcels on a 450:-). I can not wait to see how he will do in the race. It is a shame that Tony Cairoli will not be racing. He would have been on 250SX going against the 450s. I hope that some guys now change their opinions about KTM “be all with the big 4 against two strokes.”

  31. Two stroke, four stroke, all good bikes but worthless if you consider the alternative of having no place to ride! I think we all agree on one thing… riding is in our blood, so what unites us is greater than what divides us. Our riding areas are getting jeopardized by people and laws that don’t understand our passion. With that said, lets take 5min to talk about “What Unites Us is greater than What Divides Us” go to KTM.UnitedWeStand.com and join the movement that will give us our rights back. Our dollars feed the ecomony more than a pair of hiking shoes and a granola bar, so lets take it to the next level.

  32. Just built 2012 KTM 300sxs. Blew my arms off… perfect!!!! Full pro circuit pipe, very mild porting. All from brand new. Handles unbelievably excellent after suspension work. The most impressive bike i have ever ridden, go figure.. I own 4 2011 KTMs a CR500AF and CRF 450 2011…….

  33. I’m not a bubba fan- but he was turning the fastest laps on his two stroke kawasaki. They basically forced him to move to a 4 stroke.

  34. ktm 2012 is my best bike i cant drive bike because I didn t have money to buy this bike. I m good at driving drty bike.

  35. who says carbys are out….. even more impressed now got jetting right on the kato 2 banga 300sx….

  36. There were two stroke yz250s at daytona supercross this year racing in the 450 class

  37. i think tm300 may be my next bike,read some good reports.been on yams for 12 yrs but won’t give anymore money to them,so they can push their agenda.went to a practice day on friday here in the uk,and it must have been a 50/50 mix of 2s + 4s,i feel the tide is turning somewhat at club level anyway.i even heard someone at a race meeting mention they fancy a switch to 2 stroke next year,after watching a ktm250 dominate the top class..

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