Jimmy DeCotis rips on a 125 two stroke!

Who knows the reason, Jimmy DeCotis decided to ride this bike. Whatever that reason is, the video has been posted on Youtube for only two days and has over 22,000 views!! It’s worth watching.


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9 thoughts on “Jimmy DeCotis rips on a 125 two stroke!

  1. Seeing this, I do SO wish the collective powers-that-be would level the playing field and let two-strokes back into racing on an even displacement basis!

  2. The first time I saw him ride was at Hemonds MX in Minot, ME a few years back on a bone-stock YZ125. I don’t think the thing was under 10,000 rpm for more than 1/2 a second each lap. The kid flat-out rips on a 125. It was awesome to see him do well in SX last year, too bad it was on a tractor.

  3. they should outlaw 4 strokes just on their awful sound alone. i mean stick your tongue out and blow – there’s your 4 stroke. sooo bad lol

  4. Making alot of noise and not going anywhere, its only a 125 guys, calm down ppl. jimD is good but still only two smoka

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