Husaberg adds Two-Stroke to the 2011 Model Line-up

As they say a photo is worth a 1,000 words. here is the official video from the Husaberg factory.

A quote from the video is;  “…two-stroke markets are growing and Husaberg wants to be on the top of the line in the racing enduro segment. So it’s quite simple. we’re adding some two-strokes to the line and we’re doing it in a really good Husaberg way.”

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16 thoughts on “Husaberg adds Two-Stroke to the 2011 Model Line-up

  1. How ironic,one of the companies that initiated the 4 stroke revolution is now releasing a 2 stroke – and they are going to sell a boatload of them.That engine looks like a XC-W 300 powerplant fitted with a 6 speed gearbox.

  2. To a Michigan woods rider like me, that bike is pure sex on wheels…I so want to see one in the flesh. Time to start saving.

  3. HOW FREAKIN’ AWESOME IS THIS? Not only that there are now more choices for the two stroke fan, but that they are from a company that only produced 4 strokes prior to this. I know Husaberg is just an arm of KTM, but there are still new two strokes available…bottom line!!! Woo-Freakin-Hoo!!!

  4. SWEET!!!! That is awesome news, another two stroke available to the public.
    Obviously its just a KTM 300 but it looks damn sexy, probably better than a KTM.
    Cant beat having another smoker on the market. I’ll have one thanks!!!!

  5. i dont see what the big deal is all they have done is put husaberg graphics on a ktm 2 stroke woo freakin hoo

  6. Great news. It makes sense for them to add a two stroke line. Husaberg will refine their 2T chassis in the next 2 model years, then unleash the hyped orbital DI.

  7. @jason

    It is great news because it shows how much demand is for two-strokes. KTM sells enough that they feel they could add to their sales under the Husaberg name. If the bike wasn’t selling they wouldn’t start selling under another name also. I do not know much about the Bergs but my guess is they have a different frame then the KTM. So you will have the same awesome engine in two different frames. There are a lot of people that like Husaberg, the real Husqvarna, and now have a 2-stroke from their brand. Expensive bikes in the US but popular in Europe.

  8. This is not a KTM in blue colors. This bike has a 6 speed tranny… for some stupid reason KTM 300’s only comes with a 5 speed tranny.

  9. I love it! The more options we have the better. I wonder how long it will be before Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki realize that the two strokes are a big market?

  10. Hey cool news for us two stroke riders
    I would love one of these Husabergs
    They look the business
    Thanks Husaberg
    For a sexy looking two stroke

  11. This is awesome stuff…ktm engine or not. The more two’s we see on the market the better. I think the tide is starting to turn…just look at kijiji,craig’s list or ebay. There are lots of newer four-strokes for sale. Now, we need to see guys on the national level winning again on them ( which I feel is right around the corner)and things like the microblue coating making them extremely clean running.

  12. #$!%ing @*%&!

    According to the latest “first look” article on these bikes at Motorcycle USA, Husaberg officially has no intention of importing these two-stroke models to the United States.

    Who do we need to shoot on this continent to get the good stuff in our hands?

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