Kawasaki KX250 Two-Stroke Works Bike

The guys at the Kawasaki Race shop put together this amazing KX250 Works bike for Ryan Villopoto. What an awesome machine…

The photos are from Transworld Motocross and the photography is just wonderful.



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10 thoughts on “Kawasaki KX250 Two-Stroke Works Bike

  1. What a sweet ride! Too bad Villopoto is laid up right now, I can’t wait
    to see him rip it up on this bad boy.

  2. What was the purpose building this bike? Just a toy…or is he competing with it someplace?

  3. He better ride it. The comments on the TransWorld MX site are great. Looks like the entire MX community will celebrate a two stroke return to glory.

  4. Awesome bike. It would be awesome to see someone like him show up at a Supercross racing a 250 2-stroke. Even better if he won.

    Is it possible to get a carbon fiber silencer like that? The sell them for 4-strokes but I haven’t seen one for 2-strokes. And what about titanium expansion chambers?

  5. That is one beautiful machine! I have the same question as the others on here, is he going to actually race this thing? That would be great if he did start racing it, but I cannot see any of the big manufacturers supporting anyone in racing a two stroke at this time, however I do not sit on the board at Kawasaki so I could be wrong. I hope I am wrong!!!

  6. So how much would it cost the factories to get a “Works” 250 two stroke like this on the showroom floor? I bet they would sell like crazy if they where in the neighborhood of what a new fourstroke costs. Why in the heck hasnt it been done yet…

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