New 2011 YZ125 Spy Photos??

During the third race of the Open Dutch Championships in Gemert, an eagle-eyed photographer spotted this nice looking Yamaha. Could this be a pre-production 2011 model?

After the rash of Photoshopped fakes that circulated around the Internet in the recent past, here are photos of an actual machine. As soon as we find more information about this machine, it will be posted here.

In the meantime, check out this very nice machine.

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31 thoughts on “New 2011 YZ125 Spy Photos??

  1. Since it is a Yamaha, a brand that doesn’t support 2-strokes but just sells them still for a few extra bucks, the only changes will be the plastics/graphics.

  2. You’re probably right 2strokerev, but you can at least let us dream! Any updates are good updates at this point, too bad about that ‘arrow’ style fender though. Maybe we can get some internal updates. Hello Yamaha? Are you listening?

  3. That’s a clean looking bike. I’d ride it if I didn’t weigh 230 lbs.. Lol! And that fender…………..ugh!

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  5. 2strokerev, at least they are still importing something… a revolution has to start somewhere and Honda sure as he%# isn’t starting one now are they?

    I’m still riding a Husky WR360 because nobody makes what I want (cant wait for Maico to get here)

    The radiator shrouds look like they have a little “Husky” in them

  6. Could this be? Really?
    I hope so! Go Yamaha keep making the 125 & 250 two strokes!!!
    I don’t know guys, but I like the look of the bike. Maybe we can do something about the front fender, but overall I like it. Maybe they will not touch the engine for 2011 (just maybe), but the 125 and 250 had already great engines and Yamaha has kept this bikes alive and has actualized them a little (suspension more than anything else, and the SSS fork are as close to a factory suspensión you’ll get from a stock bike). If they keep them alive, I’ll go with them.

  7. The best thing to do is buy a KTM or Maico. Or a TM Racing. They are the only brands that update their 2-strokes. If you buy a 2t Yamaha, Yamaha will take the money and invest it in their 4-strokes. But those others will use the money for good.

    HuffieVA – The revolution will start soon. As soon as I get my Mechanical Engineering degree. 2 years and I will be done, and I will start designing my own bike. The revolution is coming. (so if anyone knows good resources for designing frames let me know. Anything about strengths, geometry, etc. I will appreciate all the help I can get. I am thinking of using Chromoly)

  8. hey 2strokerev, two great place to start honing your design skills are the ASME mini baja and human powered vehicle competitions. No two strokes unfortunately, but a great way to work on frame and suspension design. I had a great time and learned a lot competing in HPV while I got my ME degree!

  9. I tried to work on the SAE Mini Baja but the people running it are all working on it for their Capstone and don’t call/email anyone outside of their little group to come help. I never got into the HPV because of the lack of engine, but I will consider it. I do work on the SAE Shell Eco Marathon. I would use a 2-stroke engine if I knew how to add direct injection to it but at the moment we use a 25cc, 1hp 4-stroke.

  10. photo shopped for sure lines look too clean were the background meets the plastic

  11. I doubt this is a Photoshop job..shadows are in the right place, and would take a long time to get right.

    So if this is the real thing..dang cool

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  14. This bike aint photoshopped i was at the dutch championship

    Bike looks real good, there was also a 144cc yamaha

  15. WOW!!! i seen this last night and i couldn’t sleep for a couple hours thinkin about it…i’ve been savin up for about a month now for an 05 or up yz250 and man…if this is what yamaha is gonna do next year to the 125 and 250 i’ll be buyin one for SURE.

    the thing that really sticks out to me though is the gas tank…the 2010 250f has a twin spar frame…and the tank sits inside of it…the aluminum framed two stokes arent twin spar, the gas tank wraps around the frame…and that gas tank is definetely not from a 250f…

    i’m a very skeptical person and i do not beleive thats photoshoped…we’ve all seen the yz250 photoshoped 2011 and its so obvious but this is real man…

    i mean look at the shadows….that would take sooooooo long to photoshop that kinda stuff and its not just one photo the person would have to photoshop its 6 pictures we have here…that would take months

    god i hope they release em like this…even if theres no internal updates it would just be awesome to have such an updated look two stoke ya know.

  16. also…about the tank…that would have to be custom made if someone did just take 2010 250f body parts…i mean where in the hell are you gonna get a custom made gas tank…the seat also would have to be custom made the 250f seat is not interchangable…totally different sub frames and gas tanks. i think its a legit pre production 2011 yz125 [:

    i hope!! man i would be so stoked

  17. I agree with Danny Boy Kills. I don’t believe those are photoshopped. The fact that in 3 pictures the bike is leaning against the tree on the clutch side and 2 pictures on the the throttle side gives it some authenticity in my mind. Somebody took photos of a real bike then moved it around to take more of the other side. Yamaha are you listening…….If you build it, they will come.

  18. dude totally i didn’t even catch that…yeah theres no doubt in my mind thats a real bike. lets cross our fingers and hope yamaha does this for 2011 i mean its not like it would cost alot of “RnD” dollors to just redesign the plastics and gas tank. i think so many people would love to have one.

    i just picture that bike with black wheels black backgrounds and my number 105 with blue twinwalls a works pipe r304 shorty and a blue renthal sprocket.


  19. WOW Finally an overhaul on the plastics
    Its been a while hasnt it
    Looks good hope the 250 looks the same
    But check out the new Husaberg Te 250
    Now that looks awesome

  20. man those radiator covers are ugly! all the plastics are, they nee burnt, go back to the drawing board!

  21. Check the website of They offer these kits for YZ’s. Those pictures are taken behind the shop of them. They are located at the track of Gemert.

  22. all some one did was use 250f subframe and plastic with a wr tank and 250 shrouds

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