TM Racing to release 125cc fuel injected two stroke!

Some wonderful news from Italy today.

As some of you may know the 2010 World GP series is adding a European 125cc two-stroke class to a half a dozen GPs next year. And TM Racing has four young racers that will be competing in the new series.

TM Racing factory team manager Patrick Heyden says “80% of our sales are two-strokes so this is clearly what the customer wants. The bikes are easier to work on, and fun to ride. The factory are just waiting for the confirmation of the new European series later this month and we have four very good young riders in Italy who are ready to compete. We have a new 125 two-stroke, also with fuel injection like the 250F and 450F, which will be on the market in February. And the fuel savings on a two-stroke should be even more than on a four-stroke !”

For those in the USA and Canada that are interested in TM Racing motorcycles, please visit their new web site.

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10 thoughts on “TM Racing to release 125cc fuel injected two stroke!

  1. oh yeah! The new fuel-injected TM 250Fi MX is mine! I don’t care about the price! Is it a wake up call for the Japaneses manufacturers??? I am going to bed happy tonight!!!! Thank you John!!! Viva Italia!


  2. Btw! spread the good news! Contact every mags, websites,forums you know..Who knows? the bike will look good on any Motocross Action Mag or Dirt Rider cover! Tell your friends! Make some noise! Also John! Can you make contact with TM so we can have more pictures to look at!!!!! I just cannot believe it!

  3. Hey Fred,

    I am currently working on getting photos from TM Racing and will post them as soon as I possibly can.

    This is very exciting news and may signal the end of the strangle-hold that the big 4 has had on motocross for the past 30 or so years.

    The funny thing is there are rumors of KTM already selling out of their 2010 two-stroke models! This is not confirmed but is an interesting piece of news to look into to. Anyone out there know for sure?

    The way that we will see more two-strokes out there is if we support those companies that are making them. Besides just KTM and Yamaha, check out the bikes from Husqvarna, GasGas, TM Racing and others, see if they make sense for you, then buy them.

    It will be the only way to turn the tide.

  4. This FI bike will break the ice and force anyone making 2 strokes currently to step up or take a back seat. A have faith in KTM. We’ll see what Yami is made of. I could see some Euro brands taking market share as the big 4 sleep. I sure hope so.

    I will not lose any sleep watching the big 4 lose business to quality bike manufacturers who offer what we want to ride. I will never buy 4 stroke, so besides Yami, that leaves me and the guys I race with no choice but to ditch 3 of the big 4.

    Definately MORE pics!

  5. Hi all, what great news. The only way the big 4 will wake up is if riders vote with there feet. 2-stroke injection WOW bring it on, lets see 150’s blow 250’fs off the track. Lets hope to see a uniform rule change across the world to reflect this.Thanks John for the great site and for keeping us up to date with current events and technology, some more pics would be fantastic.Keep up the great work and cheers to all the readers. Long live the 2-stroke.

  6. I just wanted to clarify seomething – When we talk about Fuel injection here with 2 stroke fuel injection are we talking direct injection cos thats not same as fuel injection.

    As far as I understand it, fuel injection is a replacement for the carburetor. it electronically moniters the amount of fuel/air mix needed and squirts the exact amount necessary.

    Direct injection is putting the air/fuel mix diectly into the cylinder. on current 2st dirt bike engines it goes into the crank first. Am i right in thinking the new 4 stroke technology has Fuel Injection not just Direct injection?

    to be honest I like 2 strokes as they are but the motivation behind the big motorcross manufacturers as we all know if money driven – so if adding in extra technology gets them back into building 2 strokes (cos it will allow them to charge more and increase repair bills etc) then thats cool I suppose – I’d be willing to sacrifice and pay a bit more to secure the future of 2 strokes – cant live without them!!!

  7. So far, TM Racing will not confirm that they are working on a FI bike at this time.

    Westyz – you are correct, there is a big difference between Fuel Injection and Direct Injection. The Fuel Injection system used by the four-stroke basically injects the fuel into a “carburetor”.

    While Direct Injection (at least on a two-stroke) injects the charge directly into the cylinder.

    As for the reasons for the manufacturers are wanting to add injection systems to the two stroke, is because so many two-stroke mx bikes never see a motocross course. These machines must meet certain emissions standards and direct injection lowers the emissions of two-strokes.

    We are making headway with two-strokes and are riling the feathers of four-stroke supporters and the manufacturers. The way this is happening is because so many grass roots racers are going back to two-strokes.

    When they can, purchasing new machines when possible and buying used machines when they can’t find new. This is having a huge effect on the bottom line of the manufacturers.


  8. The JRF Torque Converter, together with the dual map ignition, gives the rider the choice of 16 different power curves at the flick of a switch. This instant rider tuning ability is a first for TM. There is no other dirt bike on the market with this unique tuning feature. The fitting of the JRF Torque Control opens up a whole new market for TM Two Stroke enduro motorcycles.

    Click on the link for larger picture of the bike.

  9. I prefer my 2 strokes to be like they were back in 2000, with little or no bottom end and with an insane hard hitting top end – its like that on my year 2000 kx 250. I recently purchaced a KTM SX 250 year 2004 and seems to me they have tried to flatten out the power so it has more bottom end but that comes at the cost of losing extra power hit up top, makes it more boring and more like a 4 stroke. Even with the red power valve spring its no where near as fast on the pipe as my kx 250 2000 – if people want a flatter power curve they should get a 4 stroke – not try to modify the 2 strokes to be like the 4 strokes – cos thats ruining the best thing about them in my opinion

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