RM model two strokes – Available in England!

One of our readers from England, WestYZ, wrote to say that Suzuki of Great Britain is still distributing RM125 and RM250 two-strokes. The web site says that the machines are new as of October 2009, could these be the 2010 models?

Even more interesting, is that Suzuki GB has an Enduro models of the 125 and 250 available as well.

2010 Suzuki RM125.

2010 Suzuki RM125.

Here is the description of the RM 125 according to Suzuki Great Britain.

Yet again the RM125 has been boosted ahead to the envy of its rivals with a whole host of changes making the machine even more user friendly and competition ready.

The perfect transition from the 85cc class to the larger four stokes, this excellent mid-range bike is designed to help you blast past the competition. Our RM125 has a wider powerband for more controllable power delivery. So get ready to experience the hottest 125 on the track.

2010 Suzuki RM250.

2010 Suzuki RM250.

Here is the description of the RM 250.

The RM250 is the bike most famously known for carrying AMA Motocross and AMA Supercross Champion Ricky Carmichael to win both titles in 2004 and 2005.

Suzuki is dedicated to two-stroke technology. Not content with an already championship winning machine, the designers at Suzuki have gone mad…and revised and improved the machine again.

Now that we know these models are available at least in the UK, why are they not available here in the USA?

For additional information from Suzuki of Great Britain please visit. http://www.suzuki-gb.co.uk/bikes/offroad/







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19 thoughts on “RM model two strokes – Available in England!

  1. Thanks Two Stroke Motocross for posting stuff like this and keeping the fight going. These bikes are fantastic. They flat out rip. Several of our friends have rounded up some used ones after riding ours, and others are still searching. Just think what they would be like if they got some of the R&D. Although I have no complaints at all about them performance-wise. My only complaint is that they aren’t importing the RM’s to the states and that they won’t allow them to compete at the highest level on equal terms.

  2. Seems like the UK has a 2st revolution going on ;)

    Great news from Suzuki and good luck to them because there are other manufacturers that expect us to buy a 4st just because they dont build a 2st WRONG !

  3. There also here available in holland, a friend of mine has both a brand new 2009 RM250.

  4. Desertfox, in a way it’s not really the EPA’s fault that we don’t have two-strokes. This was a business decision by the manufacturers to abandon the technology in favor of the four-stroke.

    The problem is that at least in the beginning the four-stroke required a huge displacement advantage to compete. When they finally learned how to make the four-strokes really run correctly, it all but eliminated two-strokes from Professional racing.

    But there is a big change afoot. Just look around at the local races, more and more two-strokes are popping up. In some areas the mix is right around 50/50.

    The only way to “vote” in this “debate” is to buy a two-stroke and go to the races!

    To read more about the whole EPA thing please read this article,

    Just as a reminder – the EPA does not have ANY restrictions on closed course racing (motocross)

  5. American Suzuki will market RM125 and RM250’s in U.S.A. in 2010.Just saw 2010 litterature today!Way to go Suzuki!

  6. motox556tuner,
    I would be fired up if this is true! You have to show us a link or email a copy of the brochure or something! The RM was the best. I have not seen an RM for 2010 for the USA. Are you sure it was 2010 literature and for the USA?
    crossing fingers….

  7. Scooter042,
    My son is parts managaer at Barkley’s Yamaha Suzuki in Latrobe Pa. where yesterday they got 2010 info from American Suzuki and this is indeed a fact.Vist your local shop to see for yourself.

  8. I am sponsored by a Suzuki shop and was in the process of bailing on them because we will not buy 4 strokes. This would be tremendous news. We like our shop and the owners. I will have to make a call Monday!

  9. I called my local shop and they said no 10 RM250. Maybe he overlooked it or just didnt care? Motox556, PLEASE email a photo or some kind of copy of this to John so he can post it here for us to see. I did hear one other person say they had it on the line list of 2010 bikes to take preorders on…

    Come on somebody, show us!!!

  10. I’m about 99% sure that Suzuki RM125 and RM250’s are for just about everyone but the USA. I don’t think they are importing them to the U.S.

    We bought the last new 2007 rm125 in the Pacific Northwest for full list price in May 2008, and drove over seven hundred miles to get it (when gas was $4 a gallon). The sales guy couldn’t understand why we wanted it.

    In Feb 2007 I drove over seven hundred miles to a different dealership to get a brand new 2006 rm250, the last two stroke that dealership was going to sell, because “they were done selling the two stroke because four strokes are better”. When they gassed it up and started it and rode it around the building to the loading dock, everyone in the dealership scrambled to the doors and windows shouting “do here that thing? Do smell that thing? Too bad it’s the last one.” They could have had 2 more full years of selling the rm250. The whole time the salesman was selling me that bike, he was trying to talk me out of it. “‘Cause four strokes are better”. Then when I told him I was looking for a RM125 for the boy, I got a big old lecture on how four strokes are better and I wouldn’t be doing my son any favors by getting a two stroke. He told me I would be back in a month to get a 4t. This whole conversation took place in front of my son (then 12 years old). Do you know how hard it is to convince a kid of the two stroke thing when all the top pros he admires are on 4t’s and all the salesmen say 4t’s are better, and almost all the kids he races against are on 4t’s? (And dad doesn’t know a thing!) Even all the guys at the local Suzuki shop we were racing for localy would say the 2t is done, until they rode ours. Now three of them own RM’s!

    My point to the long story is I think that the lone salesman in the U.S. has done almost as much damage to the 2t as anyone else. (The idiotic displacement rules being #1 for damaging) If I didn’t know any better, (that 4t’s are just bigger) those sales guys would have talked me right into 4t’s.

    Until silly americans start seeing their favorite top pros battling cc for cc, they will continue for the most part, to buy four strokes. And I’m actually not anti-four stroke. If I were rich, I would have one of each. But since I’m not and we race hard, we only have 2t’s in our garage.

    And Dylan now 15, races both his RM125’S and he has taken over the RM250 and races that in the 250f class. Although he is still about the only one on the gate on a 250 2t, he appreciates the skill and conditioning that 2t’s have forced him to achieve, and he loves how snappy and light the RM250 is. Dylan has no regrets at all about staying on two strokes this long and would love to be on a 2010 RM125 and 250. Although if he were rich, he would have one of each.

    CC VS CC at the top level = freedom to choose 2t or 4t.

  11. To the General – GREAT WEBSITE!!!!!!!

    I was not as smart as Dylan155.

    My son bought a 1994 KX100 from doing a paper round. We rebuilt the bike (Suspension by a pro shop / brakes and Plastics and other bits) NOT THE MOTOR!!! He had loads of fun on a motor he could NOT KILL!
    I made a mistake and bought him a BRAND NEW CRF150R with ALL the after market parts fitted from new. I took him to the local tracks with both bikes. The 150R @ $6000 + hardly got a run on every occasion that both the bikes were on the trailer!!!!! (I stopped loading the KX100 onto the trailer)
    I was NOT a happy father at all. I was pleased that he constantly hammered the other local riders. Some fathers came up to me as well as him, to find out exactly what it was he was riding – My son took great pleasure in telling them it was a 1994 KX80 – The looks and shock was unreal. A particular father with a whole lot of $ invested got fairly obnoxious when his son got nailed over and over by a 94 vintage KX he thought was a 80.
    My son eventually sold the KX100 and migrated to the 150R due to the improved suspension and brakes. NOT FOR THE MOTOR WHICH IS NOW ALMOST DEAD – LESS THAN 8 months OLD!?!?
    He is about to migrate to a KTM200exc or KTM250xc-w and looking forward to being seated back on a 2 stroker – Has had a test ride and now nagging daily. 14 years old and he knows exactly what he wants from personal experience – 2 STROKE

    A moment of weakness / stupidity of a 2 stroke fan that bought a 4 dope.
    My only consolation is that with Junior Enduro and trail riding there was nothing else to choose from for a kid his size in Australia.
    No doubt that the 150R is an amazing technological marvel 21Hp and revs to 14500rpm.
    Voted the #1 technology bike for 06 & 07 road and track. Never done by a dirt bike before let alone 2 years in a trot.
    CONFESSION TIME – After owning this amazing pile of JUNK (Yep JUNK) I will never have a weak moment again – I am cured!!!!!!!!
    This thing is more fragile than a floor made of eggs.

    Just riding a 4 stroke is like handing your wallet to a kleptomaniac.
    You may as well just leave your credit card at the dealer when you pick up the bike.

    My gripe for the month / year is – WHY IS KTM STILL SITTING ON THE FENCE? They have and had a DFi in 06/07? Rotax has a production 600cc @ 130hp already selling to the public – Yamaha have reintroduced their 2 stroke outboards based on DFi – Evinrude scrapped 4T all together and meet every EPA standard with eTech – Snow mobiles already fitted and selling DFi units – Aprillia have been selling DFi scooters for some time already – Is KTM being a bit like Honda who had DFi in 1998?
    From a logical point, I am sure that releasing the DFi would up their 2 stroke sales from 43% substantially. It would bring a LOT of 2 stroke fans out of the woodwork and those that have been loyal to Japan WILL migrate to KTM!
    The kettle is on the boil – People are getting smarter and developing an allergy to 4 stroke The demand is growing daily – Yamaha have released a full YZ range for 2010 – Suzuki have done the same in the UK ALONG WITH A ENDURO RANGE – RM250xc

    Come on KTM it’s not time to snooze or keep cashing in on the F models – Its time to deliver the first blow and go down in history as the first MX / Enduro bike on DFi.
    99% of all bikes sold are for recreational use and many riders are NOT dumb enough to apply the AMA rules to recreational riding! They want the DFi now – I am holding out and not buying my bike or son’s bike in the hope DFi will be rolled out soon. In the mean time we will plod along on what we have got – maybe buy an OLD 200 for the son in the mean time. NOT NEW UNTIL DFi is here!!!!

    PS: Anybody want to buy a NEW 150R pile of junk? looking for a sucker…LOL

  12. We’re working on a Service Suzuki RM250AFX for Luke Hill to ride in UK Enduro and XC events in 2010.

    I’ve spoken to AJ and we’re just getting everything together ready for him to start the build. We’re pretty confident that the RMZ250 chassis and the RM motor will work really well together.

    Luke was 2nd in the 2009 British 2 Stroke MX Championship on a Service Honda CR500AF, next year will be his first try at Enduro and XC but we’re sure it’ll work out well.

    It’ll be new year before we have anything to show but as soon as it’s ready I’ll get it to the magazines for testing – along with the KX250AFX and CR250AFX.

    More as and when I get it.

  13. For the 2011 lineup Suzuki does not offer the 125 and 250 models anymore….(Europe) no comments or anything, they are just gone. 85cc 2stroke is still there,

  14. where are the dealers? ones that actually don’t mess you about and have them instock? or.. even better, which websites can u get them delivered to your house at the same price perhaps, with only a total of say.. £70 postage cos?

  15. i got my 2010 rm 125 brand new a few months back now but so glad i bought it i had 2 250fs and a 150 and had problems with them all. bot no probs with any of my 2 strokes touch wood.

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