Exclusive – 2009 Maico 500 New Look Photos

Here is a Two Stroke Militia exclusive!

Maico International sent preview photos and specs on the newest member of the Maico family. It is called the New Look Maico 500 which echoes the looks of the past. These bikes look great.

The new bikes feature new graphics and seat covers which are also available in yellow!


2009 Maico 500

Bikes are equipped with modified exhaust mountings which reduce vibration,thicker base gaskets for a stronger mid range, standard fitting of raceline gear levers, a return to the use of Bing carb’s and the option for a high performance ignition system for the 500cc 620cc and 700cc.

Standard equipment still included’s Reiger Shock,White power forks brembo brakes, H.G.S Pipe with the addition of Reikon Bars as standard,with the option of Reikon Titanimu footpegs.

All these changes have been brought about by a close working relationship between the factory and Maico U.K./ Maico International




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20 thoughts on “Exclusive – 2009 Maico 500 New Look Photos

  1. The rear plastic, seat, and front fender are from the 1996-2001 YZ line. If I’m not mistaken, back in the late 90’s they had this very look on a Maico line that never took off.

  2. This comment is direct from Vince at Maico International.

    “The thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that Maicos never actually went out of production, relatively speaking the guy who commented is right about the plastics.The brothers that now own Maico bought it in 98-99 having been involved for over 20 odd years in various ways. When they bought it they kind of re-launched the bikes. hope this helps.


  3. Actually, now that I think about it, these bikes have been available all along as the ATK Intimidator line. They are really state of the art bikes, as you can customize them when you order them from ATK. Go to http://www.atkusa.com and check them out!

  4. Comment from Vince at Maico International.

    “Maico are strictly a “two stroke” company and despite making a 125 many years ago there are no plans to produce a 125 or 150 at this moment.The interest we are receiving around the world is primarily in the 700cc and 500cc M.X bikes which clearly proves their is a desire for big bore two strokes.

  5. Can’t wait to see these in the USA. I have two older Maico’s (’73 440 and ’77 GS 400). When can we expect to see them here?

  6. Hi Guys,
    Over the past 18 months we have been contacted by several companies in the states who have shown an interest in becoming distributors but sadly none of them have been able to step up to the plate and buy any bikes, in fact one company expected us to ship two new 500 M.X. models out for free, but they would pay the shipping!.

    We get e-mails on almost a daily basis from people around the states who want to know where they can get one and we are currently talking to two companies in America with regards to distribution but to be quite honest if it doesn’t work out this time we are seriously thinking of coming out there and doing it ourselves.Despite the effects of 911 importing bikes into America is not the drama that it is hyped up to be and we have very long term plans for the brand.

    Regards Vince
    Maico International / U.K.

  7. What a breath of fresh air, that Maico 500’s the horniest looking dirt-bike I’ve seen in years. I imagine they go as well as they look, where can I see a ride report ? I’m off to buy a lottery ticket !

  8. Hi,
    Its fair to say that I would naturally have a bias view on the bikes, but they pull incredibly smoothly right from the bottom end and are not snappy and ferocious like some people imagine them to be. We are currently talking to two different companies in America with regards to distribution, and will be keeping the editor or this site updated with progress should we be able to agree terms with them.

    Thanks for your interest.

    Regards Vince

  9. Are we going to see any team riders?
    Have any been raced in any events MX / Enduro?

    It is a really good looking bike…. but how will it handle and go?

  10. I love to see these bikes still on the market. I currently own four big bores and love them. PLEASE BRING THESE TO CANADA. PLEASE!

  11. Hi,
    Thanks for your enthusiasm we are currently attempting to locate a distributor in Canada and have been talking to a company over their for the last couple of weeks and would love to get the bikes out there.If you know someone who would be interested in being a distributor put them in touch with us. We have distribution contracts already drawn up!

    Regards Vince.

  12. I think a distributor in Ontario sounds great. I also think a 700 sounds even better. Good luck

  13. Hi CR500af,
    Thanks for your support we will continue to attempt to locate a distributor in Canada, and progress will be published on this site,

    Regards Vince

  14. Hi, thats great good news!
    This is the Maico I was waiting to see again, yes, really this is a true Maico look, in some aspect it remembering me at the look of ’83 model; fantastic! And if yours next step will be to fit the bike with a pair of gold rims…..
    I never stop to love Maico and now I’ve a dream: ride a new Maico again!
    Looking forward to see and know more about a Maico’s world, wish you my compliments at yours good good job.

    P.S. Maico wrote an indelible page of the story of motocross; long life Maico!

  15. Hey guys, i own a 81-490, a 83-490 and a 06-500, and I tell ya the new 500 is something to behold, I race mine regularly and I still laugh to myself on how easy it is to leap past the 450’s.
    Any of you who have owned a maico knows they are a special breed and take a little more attention than the jap bikes, I had to spend alot of my own r&d to get things right and to be reliable and with stand the tracks over here, there is nothing better than killing the competition with a wall of roost!
    I always have guys at the track bug me and ask “why do you still keep riding the 2 strokes?” then I let them take a ride! and nothing more is said.

    As to the power band it can be compared to the 83 490, just roll it on and hold on!

  16. I would like to know how I can get my hands on a maico 09,10 and 11 with prices and sizes I live in waverly new york can we get something going I would love to have one nothing like being different.

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